If you’ve ever tuned into TLC’s hit reality series, “The Long Island Medium,” then you already know fast-talking Theresa Caputo makes talking to spirits in the afterlife look easy, but that’s not the biggest challenge she faces.

“I make what I do look easy. I don’t know any different. What I had to learn is what the spirit wanted me to communicate, but the frustrating part is talking to the living, not the dead,” she explained in a phone interview. “I’m the first one to say what I do is crazy.”

The living, she said, come to the encounter with all sorts of preconceived expectations and the spirits don’t always respond in predictable ways. When Caputo tries to translate the sometimes-obscure images and thoughts, the living frequently are left staring at back at her “like deer in the headlights.”

“My gift changes every time I channel them. Every soul is different. There are so many ways people can die and we’re left with common burdens of guilt, but the relationships and bonds are different, the things we experience, every one experiences.”

Caputo paused and then clarified, “…there’s no right or wrong way to grieve or honor your loved ones. Peace, love, joy and happiness, that’s what they like. We miss them terribly and want them back terribly. Through every breath that we take, they are living life through our eyes. They don’t want us to remember them sick or in pain.”

Caputo recognized her gift at a young age, noting that she thought it was normal to see spirits at the foot of her bed. She said the spirits most frequently “speak” with her about the issues that may be “holding them up” and tethering them to the physical world. And, when they do volunteer information, it’s frequently the clues they believe their loved ones “need, and not what they want.”

On Saturday, April 22, Caputo will appear at the Hard Rock Live at the Seminole Resort and Casino in Hollywood. Over two-hours, she will walk around the audience at the venue and will share the messages from spirits of loved ones in the audience.

“The only thing I have planned is I’m going to do my hair and my nails, put on a great dress and fabulous shoes, (and) everything else is left up to the spirits,” Caputo said. “I come out for a few minutes and talk about how spirits work in a big venue like this. There are only so many souls I can channel in a two-hour period. I don’t take a break or intermission. We’ll have a big screen set up and cameras that follow me around, just like on ‘Long Island Medium’ and I let the spirits guide me.”

When asked how the spirits feel about sexual orientation and gender identity, Caputo responded frankly, “I’m gonna share this with you and my fans: Whoever decided what normal is? For me, normal is talking to dead people. When I embraced my gift, my soul, who God intended me to be, is when I felt complete. That’s what I encourage everyone. No one can tell you how to be happy. You’re responsible for your own happiness, but at the end of the day you’re the only one who knows what’s good for you and what God intended you to be.”

Theresa Caputo, “The Long Island Medium,” appears at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood on Saturday, April 22 at 8 p.m. Tickets and more information at MyHRL.com.