Comedian Judy Gold is known for cutting to the chase, especially when it comes to her work.

“As you know, it will be hysterical … a lot of it is about what we’ve gone through for the past 18 months, which is creeping up to two years,” she said about her new show, “which for a comedian can be the perfect storm. We’re all thinking the same things.”

Gold will debut her new act, “Yes, I Can Say That,” on Nov. 6 at the RRazz Room in Boca Raton’s Mizner Park Cultural Center.

“It’s a universal topic. And, also, we need to laugh, it’s very important. We’ve got to stop taking ourselves so seriously,” she said of months of lockdown with her children. “The good part was I got to spend time with them, but we did a lot of activities, spent time outdoors hiking, we played games, we binge-watched, we went into our respective rooms and did our work. Oh, and I did a lot of cooking — fat, fat, fat. It was a gift in a way.”

Of course, Gold’s children are all grown up, now 20 and 25. Had they been younger, she’s not quite sure she could have survived the worst months of the pandemic.

She said, “If I was with little kids and had to entertain them, forget it! I would have gone mad. It was this great period of time — for me, not for them — when they would normally be with their friends, one’s in college and one’s working, and I would be ancillary. Times of life when they would be out on their own.”

Gold had “these thoughts about what they do and what they do when they’re not around you, but I learned that we have shared values. They actually got some good things from me and we clicked. I like hanging out with my kids and they like hanging out with me.”

Their sloppiness and reluctance to do their own laundry was another issue, but audiences at the RRazz Room will hear all about those moments this weekend, she promised.

The pandemic also helped Gold realize the benefits of downtime.

“You don’t have to be busy 24 hours a day. I learned to appreciate free time. I feel like [with] the invention of these phones, people aren’t bored anymore. So much great stuff comes out of being bored — inventions, art — that skill is so important. We got to exercise that skill,” she explained.

Gold also relished the respite from traveling and touring.

“I didn’t travel and I loved it so much. Not looking at a suitcase for over a year, I loved it. I did work. I did outdoor shows at Provincetown over the summer. Comedians kind of figured it out, performing in Central Park, at drive-in movie theaters and Zoom,” Gold pointed out. “It wasn’t until May 2021 that I heard a crowd laugh in real-time. It was intoxicating and I just wanted to cry.” 

She’s looking forward to her return to South Florida, but has become more introspective through the experience.

“I don’t feel like I have to go out every single night and do sets. It’s okay to have a life. It’s okay to not be hustling and hustling and hustling. Not hustling feeds into the creativity, too. Comics are better when they’re living in the world with everybody else.”

Judy Gold will appear Saturday, Nov. 6 at 7:30 p.m. at the RRazz Room at Mizner Park Cultural Center, 201 W. Plaza Real in Boca Raton. Tickets start at $47.50 at