Peter Bisuito is the world’s only gay bodybuilder comedian.

“It’s been a double edged sword. I’ve done a lot of research and I cannot find at all—not one person in this world—who is a full time gay, muscle bodybuilding comedian,” said Bisuito.

He certainly doesn’t look like many leading comedians on the circuit.

“I’ve always told myself I’m like Kathy Griffin-meets-Wanda Sykes-meets-George Carlin,” he said, naming three heavyweights. “People aren’t used to seeing comedians who look like me, so they don’t make the connection. Sometimes it works for me and sometimes against me.”

Bisuito, who grew up outside of Rochester, New York, had concentrated on theater and dance in his early years before taking up bodybuilding at the age of 27 and catapulting his weight from 145 lbs. to 245 lbs. today.

About the same time he moved to Los Angeles and a couple of years later came out, a “long process,” he recalled.

Then the corporate executive and entrepreneur turned his attention to comedy.

“Deep down I always knew I wanted to perform,” Bisuito said. “I was 42 and woke up one day, decided to take the leap of faith, gave up my job and put myself on food stamps.”

That was four years ago and in just a couple weeks, he will be headlining a seven-city European tour of England, Ireland and the Netherlands.

But first, Bisuito will make his South Florida debut at the Broward Center in Fort Lauderdale.

Bisuito and his husband recently relocated to the area after spending 13 years in upstate New York.

“That’s all you need to know about that decision,” he explained, expressing no remorse about leaving the harsh winters behind.

“I’m a storyteller, I don’t tell jokes. I’m not a rimshot comedian,” Bisuito explained, preferring to relate his recent experiences and encounters to audiences.

Bisuito also relies on his audiences to set the tone at his performances. The “gayer” the audience, the “gayer” the stories.

“I do this whole schtick where I compare gay couples and straight couples: If you walk into a straight bar and bump into a straight guy’s girl, you end up in a bar fight. But, if it’s a gay bar, you end up in a three-way,” he said with a chuckle, noting the name of his act, “My Big Funny Peter.”

See Peter Bisuito in “My Big Funny Peter” in the Abdo New River Room at the Broward Center on Saturday, April 23 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $26 - $35 at For more information, go to