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A group of social conservatives launched a petition against Disney after fans of the wildly popular movie "Frozen" urged the company to make character Elsa gay in the upcoming sequel.

Members of CitizenGo are demanding Disney "follow its normal trend and create a Prince character" with whom Elsa can fall in love, Right Wing Watch reports. In an email from the organization to its supporters, Gregory Mertz wrote Elsa having a female love interest is "frightening," urging CitizenGo members to tweet with the hashtag #CharmingPrinceforElsa.

The email reads in part:

Disney is facing fierce pressure from liberal groups who are demanding their writers turn Queen Elsa into a lesbian during the sequel, "Frozen 2."

Please join the 37,000 who've already signed our petition against this absurd "movement."

With our petition, we're suggesting Disney with a much better idea... An idea that promotes solid family values to our children and represents the natural family.

Join the 37,000 -- sign our petition, now, to Disney asking that Elsa fall in love with a Prince. #CharmingPrinceForElsa:

Queen Elsa a Lesbian? Thinking about our children, this idea is frightening.

Right Wing Watch notes one of the organization's five board members is Brian Brown, the president of the anti-gay marriage group the National Organization of Marriage.

CitizenGo's petition currently has more than 72,500 signatures of its 100,000 goal.

"We call on Disney to follow its normal trend and create a Prince character to fall in love with Queen Elsa," the petition reads. "We ask that Disney find a nice and loving Prince for Queen Elsa to fall in love with."

Last week it was reported fans were clamoring on social media, urging Disney to give Elsa a female love interest in the "Frozen" sequel, noting the inclusion would be a positive impact for LGBTQ youth. Since its release in 2013, many fans have pointed out the film's parallels to the LGBT community. Some also say the hit song "Let It Go" is is a metaphor for coming out.

Ultra conservative pastor Kevin Swanson, who has lashed out against "Frozen" in the past, calling "Let It Go," "Satan's rebellion anthem," once again lashed out against the children's movie during his online radio program this week, according to Right Wing Watch.

"Anybody who has the guts to stand up against the homosexualizing of kids in the present day will be shamed for it and that means that the homosexualizing of kids will be, I think, wholesale happening across this country in the next two, three, four, five, 10 years," he reportedly said. "Of course Elsa is going to get her girlfriend eventually. That's the way you destroy sexuality. That's the way you destroy an entire civilization. The entire social system of the United States of America is collapsing.

"You have got to be sure that you have homosexualized four-year-olds and six-year-olds and eight-year-olds and ten-year-olds in order to destroy a civilization because the destruction of a civilization happens over two or three or maybe four generations max," he added. "In order to bring a civilization down, you've got to homosexualize the kids."