With a gay men’s chorus and a gay icon, Christmas is coming early to South Florida.

Broadway legend Shoshana Bean is performing with the Gay Men’s Chorus of South Florida (GMCSF) on Sunday, Dec. 18, at 7 p.m. at Hard Rock Live.

“First of all, it’s Christmas. Second of all, it’s the gays,” Bean said. “What could be better?”

She talked about the upcoming concert, her favorite holiday memories, and why she chose to work with the GMCSF.

“The LGBT community makes up my family. They’re the people I work with. They’re my best friends, my family members. Beyond that they’re a beautiful audience of support for me. Always have been. From the moment I started singing, they were my most loyal and excited listeners.”

Bean is a Broadway veteran who’s starred in very familiar hits, including Wicked, Jersey Boys, and, most recently, Mr. Saturday Night alongside the legendary Billy Crystal. While the bright lights of Broadway are always enticing, there’s something to be said for booking a show in South Florida during December with fawning LGBT fans.

“I find the whole community to be the most loving, generous. They make up the majority of our audience.”

GMCSF’s Edward Otto Zielke couldn’t believe Bean was available.

“When I was presented with her name for our guest artist, I gasped! Then I let out a big ‘yes!’ I have followed her career since I first saw her in the original cast of Hairspray. Her voice is incredible, and I got to experience her portraying Elphaba in Wicked. Find a clip of her singing Defying Gravity on YouTube. It's mesmerizing!” 


The key for any performer is the ability to tell a story, which is a talent Bean has in abundance.

“[Storytelling] always affects my performance. For this show I’m doing two songs from my repertoire, two of my favorites. I’m also doing two from their repertoire. I chose them because I always choose from the storytelling first.”

“It’s always been around music,” Bean added.

Like it is for so many of us, this time of year is special and sentimental for Bean.

“All of my best memories around the holidays involve a show or performance, singing at a special wedding. For me that’s why I’m drawn to Christmas shows and say yes to all the events that time of year.”

Between Hanukkah and Christmas there are plenty of stories to be told around the holidays.

“It’s a little different for me at Christmastime because I am Jewish. Some stories I take liberties with but for me it’s always about the spirit of connection with community and nostalgia.”

For Bean, it’s the ability to unabashedly embrace hope.

“We’re living in a time of the miraculous and the idea of the unexpected and the idea of people having hope is really important. The miracles of the stories that are repeated over generations of history are important. But the attention to tiny miracles every day is another beautiful reminder of this time of year.”

For tickets to GMCSF events, visit GMCSF.org.