Each year major designer companies and fashion houses come together to celebrate their respected fashion weeks. Most of the events cater to petite women, due to the recent explosion of plus size super model Ashley Graham, other companies have decided to follow suit.

The LGBT community commemorated the launch of its first ever Bear Summer Fashion Week, thanks to Bear World Magazine.  

“We woke up one day and thought, “you know what would be cool? A fashion week for bears!” No really, we did,” explained Robin Gray, Editor of Bear World Magazine. Gray was very passionate about his feelings toward society and the body image stereotypes. “You know for too long bigger guys have had to tolerate ill-fitting clothes to try and look semi-fashionable, or in the cases of some brands we were sized out all together, they don’t want us in their clothes! The idea that only thin people are attractive is hideous and a terrible thing to promote.”

This year’s fashion week featured a photo shoot at The Paul Hotel in New York. The shoot showcased plus sized models wearing brands that cater to the larger man. Some of the vendors included in the shoot were Tanks & Tee’s by The 3 Bears, underwear by BearSkn in addition to lube from Kamikaze Angel.

PlayBear Magazine provided swimwear along with a selection of unique jewelry. The photos were taken by legendary photographer InkedKenny, who is no stranger to Bear World Magazine. InkedKenny flawlessly captured the bear aesthetic, his creative eye produced shots that were sexy, rugged and masculine.  

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Bear World Magazine is a prestigious gay magazine geared toward the bear community. While bears can come in many shapes and sizes with varying degrees of hairiness, they typically are larger guys with at least a moderate amount of fur.

When it came to promotion for the fashion week, all media outlets were utilized. Promotion on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were used to tease the event, mainly because of the all-digital fashion week. News about the fashion week has been spread across the U.S. and worldwide.

Conducting a digital fashion week is not an easy task. It actually took a good six months to plan.  Along with searching for quality products, finding models and securing an amazing backdrop, they had to deal with the availability of InkedKenny, who is very sought after. 

“I would like to think of us as trendsetters,” explained Gray. “There are already plenty of brands starting to come forward and offer their products in bigger sizes but it will take a huge shift in thinking to get these bigger sizes and bigger models on a mainstream runway any time soon. But if we have played a little part in making that shift, then I am very proud of that.”

Planning has already begun for a follow-up fall fashion week. If you are a fan of plaid, woodlands, beards, wet dogs, foliage or whisky, you may want to stay tuned for the next explosive fashion week in the fall.

Visit BearWorldMagazine.com for information on the magazine.