A&E: Wanda Sykes Returns to Hard Rock with Lots of Laughs

Wanda Sykes will treat South Florida fans to a live preview of her new comedy special at the Hard Rock Event Center on May 9. Credit: Ticketmaster.com

Funny lady Wanda Sykes is coming back to South Florida this week and she has a special treat for her fans: a live preview of her new Netflix comedy special debuting later this month.

In a recent phone interview, she promised lots of laughs, oh my God! Of course, we have to talk about the orange elephant in the room. Well talk a lot about me, whats going on in my life, how I see the world. Im going to tell you about the 5 oclock shadow I have growing in nowmenopause is fun! 

But the best part of the act will be the bonus 15 minutes that didnt make that upcoming Netflix show. Sykes said she especially enjoys playing at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood.

I love playing at the venue and everybody gets so pumped up,” she chuckled, later suggesting that there may not be many Donald Trump fans in the audience.

Sykes also confirmed that she has been cast in a special reenactment of classic episodes of All in the Family” andThe Jeffersons,” planned for later this year.

That is a fact, theres no fake news here. Jimmy Kimmel teamed up with Norman Lear and [in the same way] NBC and Fox have been doing live Broadway shows and plays, well be doing live episodes.

But dont mistake these shows for one of the reboots that have been all the rage in recent seasons. 

Thats the beauty, we know this show works. Well be doing the pilot script from The Jeffersons.’ It still holds us and its still funny; its not a reboot, its an homage, introducing [the show] to new viewers,” Sykes explained. Its going to be huge. Its a dream come true for me. Im a Norman Lear fanatic, and when thy said he wanted to do it, all I said was yes.

She also admitted that performing the shows live comes with challenges: Am I nervous? Yeah, its live, so there is that thing in the back of your mind, when they say action, you could draw a blank.

How does a pro like Sykes unwind after a show? Her fans would never guess, she hinted with her unmistakable laugh. She loves to tackle jigsaw puzzles and considers herself an excellent bowler.” Just dont take her to the rock n bowl” or one of those novelty lanes with bowling in the dark. She always prefers regular, normal conditions.

Fans will have many opportunities to see Sykes in future projects, but she remained tightlipped.

I look for a character that speaks to me and a story that I feel needs to be told, something that will benefit someone else,” Sykes said. I dont go out looking for roles. I like to make people laugh,” and she plans to deliver on Thursday night.     

Wanda Sykes appears at the Hard Rock Event Center at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood on Thursday, May 9 at 8 p.m. Tickets start at $35 at MyHRL.com.