Ronnie Larsen Brings Back Autobiographical Fan Favorite

Playwright Ronnie Larsen stars in his autobiographical comedy, “Cocksucker: A Love Story,” opening this weekend at Wilton Theater Factory. Credit: Ronnie Larsen Presents

You don’t have to be Dr. Phil—or Dr. Ruth, as a matter of fact—to figure out that playwright Ronnie Larsen is more than slightly obsessed with sex.  

His works include the Off Broadway sensation “Making Porn,” the story of a straight man who finds himself sucked into the world of gay porn; “All-Male Peep Show,” the story of sex workers in seedy 1990s Times Square; and “The Penis Talk Show,” a hilarious live comedy act in which audiences get to ask three anonymous naked guys anything about their male organs.

Now, Larsen is producing a revival of one of his most popular plays, “Cocksucker: A Love Story,” which premiered in South Florida three years ago and yielded record ticket sales.

Like “Peep Show,” inspired by Larsen’s experiences as a young playwright living in New York, “Cocksucker” is autobiographical.

Larsen, who also directs, stars as Isaac, a gay man with an obsession for oral sex. 

Early on, he realizes his attraction isn’t to other gay men, but to the straight men he encounters at adult movie theaters and truck stops. When Isaac dons any frumpy frock and a wig, however, these “straight” men get caught up in the illusion and cast inhibitions aside, allowing “Truck Stop Sally” to pleasure them.

Along the way, Isaac encounters opportunistic Harry, a gay filmmaker who takes a lesson from Isaac’s playbook, videotaping straight Marines who think they are auditioning for straight porn flicks. Unfortunately, Harry is either not as skilled as Isaac or simply unlucky, when the game turns ugly and one of the Marines is court-martialed.

And then there is Joshua, a young Marine recruit from rural Mississippi, who feels an attraction to Sally and at first seems open to the idea of relationship with Sally (and Isaac). That’s the love story.

Aside from “Making Porn,” which has been produced around the world, including multiple times in South Florida, Larsen has never repeated one of his plays at a local theater until now.

“This is a first,” the prolific playwright explained, adding, “but my fans were practically begging for another chance to see this show. It’s amazing.” 

Truck Stop Sally has made guest appearances at “The Penis Talk Show” and other special events over the years and audiences always seem to relate to Larsen’s outrageous alter ego, he said.

For this revival, Larsen is bringing back Ryan Knight, an Australian actor who starred in his recent production of S. Asher Gelman’s Off Broadway hit “Afterglow,” as Harry. The role of the young Marine, Joshua, will be portrayed by Artur Zolotaryov, making his Wilton Theater Factory debut.

“It’s always a sentimental reunion whenever Sally enters the room,” Larsen said. “But I think Ryan and Artur are going to make this a new and very exciting experience for audiences, whether they’ve seen the play before or not.”

Ronnie Larsen’s “Cocksucker: A Love Story” will be performed April 26 – May 19 on the main stage at Wilton Theater Factory, 2304 N. Dixie Hwy. in Wilton Manors. Tickets start at $30 at