A&E: Pam Ann Flies Into Miami With New Show W/Trailer

Hilarious air hostess Pam Ann (Caroline Reid) brings her new show to the Flamingo Theater in Miami this weekend. Credit: Carlos Aguayo, Pulsar Studios.

Fasten your seatbelts because the outrageous air hostess Pam Ann is bringing her new show to the Flamingo Theater in Miami on Thursday, Sept. 20. Pam Ann, the creation of Aussie comedian Caroline Reid more than two decades ago, has been busy since her last appearance in South Florida.

So much has gone down since my last time there. Ive been super busy painting the MAX off my Boeing 737s, Notre Dame is now known as Notre Vuitton, and, as of this week, Im the official nanny to Megs and Harrys bundle of joy. I hate kids (more than economy class passengers), but this little bugger is a first class Royal, so I will make an acceptance,” she said in a press release.


(Pam Ann Returns, Via Facebook)

Noting those new responsibilities, in her new show, Pam Ann trades in her silver wings  for Mary Poppins’ umbrella, but shes still flying high with acerbic wit and her signature parodies.

SFGN spoke with Reid about Pam Ann, her career and the new show:


(Pam Ann Returns, Via Facebook)

How did you discover Pam Ann?

She was born out of a bottle of Absolut vodka. I had a James Bond-themed birthday party back in 1996 (Sean Connery Bond). He only flew Pan American, so I went dressed to my birthday as a Pan Am 1960s air hostess. Over the course of the evening, everyone was getting more and more drunk and started calling me Pan Am. The drunker my friends got, the more it sounded like Pam Ann. Try it: Say Pan Am ten times in a row and boom! Pam Ann is born. 

Of course, you made her your own.

My love of everything 60s design and airlines created what Pam Ann is today. Seriously, I never thought Id end up in comedy, I actually wanted to be a department store window dresserBefore Pam Ann, I actually used to sell mannequins at Mei & Picchi in Fitzroy, Melbourne.   


(Pam Ann Returns, Via Facebook)

Youve traveled the world and now call Miami home. What makes South Florida audiences special?

South Florida audiences are the sexiest and most passionate, the most chill and relaxed. They come for a party and that's what I plan to have! Oh, and dressed up” to a Miami audience is a fishnet dress with flip flops.
Have you ever considered a real career as a flight attendant?

Of course, but I don't think I'd fair well with economypassengers orpassengers at all—period! 

Where do you find the inspiration for your shows?

From real life, so expect lots of comedy based on MIA and FLL. There are a lot of Florida stories and you just can't make this stuff up. I mean, the only thing washed up after (hurricane) Dorian was 12 bricks of cocaine and guess who found them? Pam Ann!


(Pam Ann Returns, Via Facebook)

What should audiences at the Flamingo Theater expect in your new show?

I have the most amazing Mary Poppins” movie spoofs I can't wait to show you all—brand new costumes, brand new songs, all with a splash of classic Pam Ann, but the show is predominately brand new. 

What adventures are next for Pam Ann?

I'd love to do a Pam Ann sitcom based in Miami about all of (her) adventures.

Caroline Reid stars in Pam Ann Returns” on Friday, Sept. 20 at 7 p.m. at the Flamingo Theater at the Four Ambassadors hotel, 905 Brickell Blvd. in Miami. Tickets start at $49 at FlamingoTheaterBar.com.

"Pam Ann Returns Trailer"


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