In this era of shelter-at-home orders, were all watching more television than ever before. Fortunately, Bravo premiered its latest hit reality series, Family Karma,” just as viewers were seeking a refreshing escape from depressing daily newscasts. 

One of the stars of this show about a group of young Indian-American professionals living in Miami is Amrit Kapai, a 32-year-old openly gay attorney who recently returned home from Chicago to grow his law firms South Florida office.

After months of filming last fall, hes finally seeing the finished episodes. Kapai and his longtime friends admittedly had some trepidations about putting their lives on national television. 

It sort of goes hand in hand … how youre going to portray your life. The main hesitation is we all have things about our lives that are private. It was something I knew, but it was [also] a good fit because we were a group of friends who knew each other very well,” he said.

It didnt hurt that Kapai was already a fan of the networks programs, noting Summer House,” “Vanderpump Rules” and Below Deck” were among his favorites.

Having cameras following him everywhere was awkward at first. 

How do I be myself and not act uncomfortable … there are cameras everywhere?” Kapai asked himself. A few weeks in, it become more natural. The experience was fantastic and it got easier.

When asked what it was like seeing himself on television, he coolly responded, I definitely have butterflies each time the show is about to air, but its fun to relive the experiences … it’s also to see what the other cast members were up to, as well. We all watched the premiere together and it was a ton of fun, but with the coronavirus, weve been responsible about social distancing.

On last weeks episode, viewers were finally introduced to Kapais boyfriend, Nicholas.

Hes such a huge part of my life,” Kapai said. He was supportive from day one. He knew Bravo was giving me the opportunity to tell my story to tons of people.

Coming out in a traditional Indian community was daunting seven years ago, but Kapai credits his parents for accepting his sexual orientation.

For me, I reached a point where I needed to come out to my parents and siblings — that was the most important part for me. For the extended family and the Indian community, I didnt care, but I knew my parents were way more nervous about them. My parents and brother werent ready to tell the larger community and I wasnt going to be selfish about that. Its like their coming out process, as well,” he recalled. 

He noted that growing up in Miami has not only helped him, but also his other castmates, navigate the cultural divides that still exist.

We were raised in Miami and its such a cosmopolitan city, but we were really lucky that our parents were kinda liberal and more accepting, not as traditional. [Many of us] are Sindis and Sindis tend to more forward thinking,” he added.

Since returning to South Florida, Kapai has had the opportunity to explore the regions LGBT scene.

I didn’t really have many gay friends when I moved down, so I had to put myself out there. I was invited to a ‘RuPaul’ watch party just a couple of weeks after I got there,” he said. “I put myself out there and it was fun … even though I had grown up in Miami, I wasn’t out.”

So what’s next? For the next several weeks, Kapai will be glued to his television as the remaining episodes of “Family Karma” debut. He’s also going to continue focusing on his career and making some all-too-important decisions about his relationship with Nicholas.

“I just need to move forward one day at a time,” he concluded.

New episodes of “Family Karma” air on Bravo, Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT. Check local listings for channels and show times.