In the alphabet soup—LGBTQIA—that we associate with our community, it’s the “B” for bisexuality that can be the most vexing label. It’s taken decades to convince the enlightened public that sexual orientation is not a choice — we’re born this way, aren’t we? — yet the desire or ability to love both men and women seems to contradict this presumption.

Brash, campy and politically incorrect, Pam Ann is the world’s most fabulous, funny, faux flight attendant. "Pam Ann" is the air born alter-ego of Australian comedienne Caroline Reid, a gifted performer with a special place in her heart for the LGBT community. A wicked mixture of vamp, fabulousness and sky high insanity, Reid even took her comedy to new heights with a comedy sketch show The Pam Ann Show, which aired in Australia. She also appeared on the TV shows Project Runway UK and Britain’s Next Top Model.