A lot has happened in the past few years for the trans community.

When I came out in late January, 2014, I had no idea that it was on the cusp of one of the most rapid changes that the trans movement has ever faced. Suddenly “transgender” was a buzz word, and as someone who was newly out and proud, I was thrown in the middle of it.

Since that time, we have seen major celebrities come out as trans. Politicians from the President of the United States to the Supreme Court have ruled on trans inclusivity, and more and more parents are becoming supportive of their trans youths’ identities.

Yet it hasn’t all been pink roses and blue skies.

We’ve been fighting tooth and nail for trans equality in healthcare and the workplace, while conservatives have unleashed the hypocritical ‘bathroom debate’ to marginalize trans individuals using public spaces. And with the turmoil of our new political administration, we’ve seen trans immigrants, people of color, and disabled trans individuals suffer.

The transgender community has a long way to go before we can sing about victory.

But for all we hear about trans people in the news, how much do we hear about the lives they live? Despite having become a voice for an entire community, I can remember the struggle I faced to find real answers for my own journey.

That’s what this issue is for.

Whether you’re young, questioning, old, queer, gender fluid, learning how to do lipstick or figuring out that new tie, wondering what hormones may have to offer or just hoping to connect with others in the community, our hope is that this guide will help answer some of the questions in your mind.

And if you’re cisgender (that is, happy with how you were assigned at birth), I urge you to use this section to learn about the issues that the T in LGBT still faces. Maybe you’ve even wondered how a drag queen is different from a trans woman (a question I receive surprisingly often). Then keep reading, now’s your chance to learn! The more informed you are, the more you’ll become a true ally.

“Transgender” isn’t a buzzword… it’s a journey, and in light of Transgender Day of Visibility on March 31, I’m honored to bring you an entire special section finally dedicated to such.
Without further ado, welcome to SFGN’s transgender special issue.


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