Sometimes people ask me if there is still a need for gay media, with how mainstream the LGBT community has become. When you flip through these pages you’ll see why there’s still that need.

I am a journalist, but more importantly I am storyteller, and in this issue we tell 50 stories of prominent LGBT individuals — many of whom you may never have heard of.

The mainstream press is shrinking, their resources evaporating, so who will be around in the years to come to tell these folks’ stories? Who but the gay press will tell stories like that of Nikki Adams, a legendary South Florida entertainer; or an out and proud police officer like Mike Silver; or Father Bill, the founder of the Poverello Center and the list goes on and on. Who but the gay press will shine a bright spotlight on these amazing individuals? We will. That’s who.

These folks aren’t important because they are gay, they’re important because of their accomplishments and the work they do. But because they are gay they serve as role models for our community — and for future generations. These individuals prove that we are no longer a sideshow, but nowadays, the main show.

Editing these stories inspired me and I hope their stories will inspire you as well.

It quickly became apparent that when putting together this OUT 50 list it could have easily been an OUT 100 list (or more) and so many cuts had to be made. We purposely kept celebrities off the list in order to highlight the everyday people who make a huge difference in their industries, gay rights or the community as a whole.

So welcome to the SFGN South Florida OUT50, a list of activists, business leaders, movers and shakers, spiritual leaders, and other out and proud members of the local LGBT community.

So when someone asks me if there is still a need for gay media my is answer “hell yes.”

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Jesse Monteagudo's op-ed on why the publisher should be the "Out51", click here!

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Andy Amoroso

Richard Alalouf

Anthony Timiraos

S.F. Makalani-MaHee

Robin Bodiford

Cindy Brown

Charlie Fredrickson

Craig Stevens

Deidre Newton

Dean J. Trantalis

Emilio Benitez

Elizabeth Schwartz

William F. Collins

George Castrataro

Michael C. Gongora

Glen Weinzimer

Rand Hoch

John Castelli

Joe Pallant

John Paul Alvarez

Lisa Porter

Jowharah Sanders

Ken Keechl

Kim Ehly

Kristofer Fegenbush

Lea Brown

Robert Lee

Lillian Tamayo

Leslie Tipton

Miriam Richter

Michael McKeever

Meredith Ockman

Michael Rajner

Mike Silver

Nikki Adams

Chuck Nicholls

Noah Kitty

Pat Burnside

Plakas & Foreman

Pompano Bill

Ralph Wolfe Cowan

Robin Schwartz

Sebrina Maria Alfonso

Steve Rothaus

Steve Stagon

Toni Armstrong Jr.

Tony Finstrom

Tony Lima

Victor Diaz-Herman

William Green



I’ve wanted to do this issue for the past two years and it was only in December that I finally decided it was time to make my vision a reality, but I would like to thank those folks who helped me do it. We’re a small weekly newspaper so putting an issue like this together was a monumental task.

So I need to especially thank my writers, Andrea Richard, Christiana Lilly, Donald Cavanaugh, Dori Zinn, Jesse Monteagudo, John McDonald, J.W. Arnold, Mike Anguille and Tony Adams. If it weren’t for them this would not have been possible. I would like to also thank the photographers JR Davis, Steve Shires, and Pompano Bill who provided photos to us.