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  • ‘… An Angel Rides in the Whirlwind’

    You may not think this column has anything to do with real estate. But it does. 

  • “Game of Realtors, Season 6”

    I'll bet most of you tune to HBO on Sunday nights to see the latest exploits on “Game of Thrones.” For those few of you who have missed that series, it deals with various power and domination games among generally amoral people who behave very badly. In that way it is sort of a “Real Housewives” with wars and violence rather than sarcasm and shade.

  • Are You 'The Guy Behind the Tree'?

    It is Election Season, and we will be voting on a lot of different things this cycle. Although Election Day is not until Nov. 6, people who requested mail ballots should have them by Oct. 10, with early in-person voting beginning in Broward on Oct. 22. 

  • As LGBT Real Estate Conference Looms, Progress Has Been Made But More Is Needed

    Realtor Jeff Berger says housing discrimination against LGBT individuals has decreased dramatically. There’s still some progress to be made though, which is one of the reasons why he founded the National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals [NAGLREP] in 2007.

  • Broward’s Real Estate Yearbook: Nearby Neighborhoods

    As a final treat, prior to the public release of the full version of my 2016 Broward’s Real Estate Yearbook, I wanted to share with my SFGN and WMG readers some insights and observations about what’s happening in some of the other neighborhoods in East Broward. 

  • Column: Real Estate and Politics at the Crossroads

    As I have for the last several years, I am writing my mid-August column from Orlando, site of the annual Florida Realtors convention. Election years are (or can be) a time when we should not just reflect on the past, but consider the kind of future we want to have – not just in South Florida generally, but in the real estate and related industries specifically. 

  • Column: Spotlight on a New Community

    Last time I said I would be continuing my theme of community by expanding my Real Estate Yearbook into some new areas, outside of WilMa and Broward, that may prove to be attractive community candidates.

  • Community Observations: Where Next?

    In my last column, I took my 10 best community candidate areas here in East Broward and appended some statistical information about the number of single family homes within 15 minutes’ walk of the “community center,” and provided data about the values of those homes.

  • Finance: The ABCs of Real Estate Investment

    Turn the clock back 10 years, not so long ago. “Everybody” in South Florida was a real estate investor. Real estate was the “can't miss opportunity of the century.”

  • Is Marriage Equality a Boon for the Housing Market?

    (EDGE) The 2015 Supreme Court ruling legalizing marriage equality has paved the way for more LGBT home purchases, according to the 2017 National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals (NAGLREP) Homeownership Survey. NAGLREP, which has 1500 members, celebrates its 10th anniversary during June's LGBT Pride Month.

  • More Details on Our Test Communities

    Last time, I identified 10 potential community candidates here in East Broward-based on a high Walk Score and presence of a Publix supermarket at the “community core.” This week we will go one step deeper and explore just what the housing stock looks like around these cores.

  • More Realtors Means Real Estate Business is Booming

    I've been out talking to a lot of people in the business, as well as doing a good amount of research (as a geek might do). Understand that what you're about to read is my informed opinion, not necessarily that of other Realtors or the “official” Realtor organizations.

  • More Second Quarter Insights

    Last time, I ended the column with these words: “I’m not going to say it’s raining. But I see quite a few dark clouds around.” A rather sharp decline in year-over-year sales was the driver of that statement. 

  • On Broken Windows And Amendment Two

    Sometimes, it is amazing what you can learn by spending time on Facebook. Once you wade through pet photos, and the political ravings of that guy from high school who thinks Olive Garden is fine Italian dining, you find a discussion that helps solve a vexing riddle.

  • Property Values Increase Again: This is the fifth year in a row

    The taxable value of properties in Wilton Manors has gone up for the fifth year in a row.

  • Real Estate Column: What to Expect for Year 101

    I am writing this column from Realtor Ground Zero – direct from the site of the Florida Realtors 100th Annual Convention in Orlando.

  • Real Estate Lessons From Pokemon Go

    Things can happen quickly.

  • Real Estate: 2017, A Year of Community

    Over the holiday season I had the opportunity to speak with many people about the state of the real estate market here in South Florida, and also about the state of our nation and the world. On reflection I have decided to devote all my columns in the coming year to the theme of community.

  • Real Estate: A Good Investment? Returns Since 2011

    I have written before that there are definitely times in the economic cycle when investing in real estate is one of the best things you can do with available capital. And, conversely, there are times when a more cautious and hesitant approach is most appropriate.

There are absolute psychic benefits to owning your own home. It’s one of the main reasons there are Realtors, after all. Among other reasons, we are here to help people’s dreams of home ownership come to reality.

  • Real Estate: A Property Tax Renaissance

    I know this is an odd title for this week’s episode. It came to me as I was walking my greyhound, Koffee, this morning at 4 a.m., with the moon and stars still visible.