• OUT50 Broward: Jarad Gibson — The Candy Man

    Jarad Gibson is not your typical attorney. He practices law by day and runs a candy store by night.

  • OUT50 Broward: Jodi Reichman – The Activist

    There are few people that have done as much for the South Florida LGBT community as Jodi Reichman.

  • OUT50 Broward: John Adornato III – The Dad

    He’s a husband, outdoorsman, mayor and best of all – daddy.

  • OUT50 Broward: Julia Landis – The Extreme Couponer

    Between working as an executive office manager for CenterLink, volunteer for the Pride Center and Women in Network, Julia Landis does whatever she can for her community — and she loves it.

  • OUT50 Broward: Julie Carson – The Public Servant

    Re-elected to the Wilton Manors City Commission in 2016, Julie Carson continues a record of public service.

  • OUT50 Broward: Kezia Gilyard – The LGBT Students Advocate

    Kezia Gilyard is the LGBQ+ and T Coordinator for Broward County Public School district. In that role, Gilyard protects the rights and liberties of LGBQ+ and T students, staff and families, with an emphasis on intersectionality. The job includes training school staff on policies and procedures for LGBQ+ and T, including sensitivity and resiliency training.

  • OUT50 Broward: Mandi Hawke – The LGBT Teens Advocate

    If there is one safe space for LGBTQ youth, it’s SunServe. If there’s one person who leads them, it’s Mandi Hawke.

  • OUT50 Broward: Marvin Shaw – The Kiki Project Coordinator defines “Kiki” as “a party including good music and good friends, held for the express purpose of calming nerves, reducing anxiety and stress and generally fighting ennui. May involve locked doors, tea and salacious gossip.” 

  • OUT50 Broward: Miik Martorell – The Proud DJ

    For years, Miik Martorell has been one of South Florida’s most popular local DJs. On any given weekend, he could be found in the booths of the most popular dance clubs, some long gone, some current fixtures in the gay nightlife scene.

  • OUT50 Broward: Morgan Mayfaire – The Trans Socialite

    Like many leaders, Morgan Mayfaire’s journey began because he saw a need.

  • OUT50 Broward: Paulette V. Armstead – The Cop

    In 2016, Paulette Armstead made her first run for political office. She lost her race for the Florida House of Representatives by just 718 votes.

  • OUT50 Broward: Rajee Narinesingh – The Famous Face

    Rajee Narinesingh is on a journey with lots of ups and downs. People all over the world know her face and the story behind it thanks to the reality TV show Botched. 

  • OUT50 Broward: Robert Lamarche – The Family Guy

    Robert Lamarche is all about building families. He spent most of his career in social work – focusing on child welfare. Lamarche is now an attorney and Executive Director of ACF Adoptions, a licensed, private adoption agency that provides adoption services to birthmothers and adoptive parents, including LGBT parents. Lamarche was also involved in creating the Pride Center’s “parenting series” for LGBT parents looking to parent and also volunteered to build the playground there.

  • OUT50 Broward: Roger Roa – The Fund Raiser

    Roger Roa is a busy man. As Director of Development for the Pride Center at Equality Park, Roa handles all the identification, cultivation, and solicitation of major donors for annual, capital and planned gifts. He also plans and executes the Center’s major events such as the Rainbow 5k, Diversity Honors Gala and Wicked Manors. 

  • OUT50 Broward: Tatiana Williams – The HIV Advocate

    Tatiana Williams is enthusiastic about fighting HIV. Her passion guides her in the many roles she fills in our community. At the Pride Center she is the Testing Expansion Coordinator, where every day she works to reduce the incidence of HIV infections.

  • OUT50 Broward: Tiffany Arieagus – The Entertainer

    There’s not too much work in South Florida for someone of Tiffany Arieagus’ talents. But Arieagus, a transgender woman and former Miss F.I. Florida in 1978, who sings jazz, disco and the blues, isn’t having trouble getting work in other parts of the country and the rest of the world.

  • OUT50 Broward: Tom Runyan – The Organizer

    Tom Runyan left active duty with the U.S. Navy under the Clinton-era policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” The policy, he said, was “designed to keep LGBT persons in the closet.”

  • OUT50 Broward: Victor Zepka – The Pageant Owner

    Victor Zepka is the owner of the Boardwalk Bar. Zepka opened the Fort Lauderdale mainstay in Miami in 1984 and relocated it to Broward in 2001. Zepka describes Boardwalk as more than just a bar—he says it’s an entertainment complex.

  • Politics: Ken Keechl's Run for the Roses

    Democratic candidate Ken Keechl made history when he was the first openly gay person elected to the Broward County Commission in 2006. But the FSU law graduate, elevated to the position of county mayor in 2010, stumbled in his re-election bid. In a close race, and a very bad political year for Democrats, he was defeated by Republican Chip LaMarca.

  • Pot Possession Akin To Speeding Under Broward Pot-Ticket Proposal

    Pot possessors will be treated more like drivers caught speeding and less like drug criminals, under a proposal pushed forward by Broward County commissioners Tuesday.