Wilton Manors Gazette

  • City’s New Parking Lot Opening Soon

    The city’s new parking lot is expected to be open sometime next week. Finance Director Bob Mays estimated the 23-space lot would be open sometime between April 13 and 15.

  • Classical Music and Jazz

    While symphony orchestras across the country still continue to deal with the aftermath of the Great Recession and dwindling donations, the South Florida Symphony continues to buck the trend.

  • Closings Highlight High Rents on Wilton Drive

    Todd Bowe said his former business, Novel Tea, was at the “cheap end” of Wilton Drive – the southern portion across the street from city hall. But even that wasn’t cheap enough. Bowe said high rent was one of the reasons he and his partner, Rey Delgado, sold their businesses at the end of July.

  • Coins Returned to Commissioner’s Family 50 Years Later

    Decades after they left their hometown of Charleston in Mississippi County, Missouri, Wilton Manors Commissioner Julie Carson’s family got a surprise – stolen coins, owned by Carson’s brother, Jed, were returned by police. 

  • Collecting Shells? There’s A Club For That

    Lovers of the beach and wanna be mermaids take note – there is a Shell Club of Broward County and yes, you should join.

  • Color Theory Workshop

    Artists can learn how to better use color during the Color Theory Workshop on Feb. 20 and 21 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Art Gallery 21, 600 NE 21 Ct.

  • Colorful Business Names Are a Part of Wilton Drive

    With the opening of G Spot Bar earlier this month, a trend on Wilton Drive shows no sign of slowing: businesses with colorful and double entendre names.

  • Column: “WilMa Est Omnis Divisa in Partes Tres”

    The three parts of Wilton Manors

  • Column: 2015 - The Year of Code Enforcement In Wilton Manors

    The reality that 2015 has moved past the “new year” stage is beginning to hit home. Easter is fast approaching, the June Stonewall Festival is on the front burner, and this year will be sliding fast into the yearbook before we know it.

  • Column: 2017 - Already One Hell of A Ride

    So far, 2017 has been one hell of a ride. June is already here, which means that it is time to get moving on my “To Do List” for 2017. Almost half a year is gone, and the second half has a habit of going by at a much faster pace. The arrival of June also reminds me to take some time out to celebrate the Summer Solstice later this month, making a Midsummer Night’s Dream by stirring up some merriment and awakening the spirit of mirth. 

  • Column: A Breakthrough in Real Estate Valuation

    Over the last several columns I have hinted at a project on which I've been working. The Zillow “Zestimate” is the bane of many Realtors' existence, given its broad inaccuracies at a micro/neighborhood level. I've suggested that better automated tools may be available soon. I am pleased to announce that day has come.

  • Column: A Changing Landscape

    Last year as I rode the train from NYC along the Jersey coast to visit my father, I wrote an article about the reasons for candidate Trump’s populist rise to the top. 

  • Column: A Fairy’s Tale…

    Once upon a time, there was a crafty courtier who masterly went about serving his Queen in the land of the Island Realm.

  • Column: A Free Ride For Wilton Manors Non-Profits

    It is common knowledge that churches and non-profit organizations are exempt from paying all sorts of taxes. This accepted reality is due to the vital services such institutions provide in our society, community, and daily lives. Here in Wilton Manors, we all benefit from the work and programs of our regional non-profit organizations such as Poverello, Pride Center, Pace School, Kids in Distress, and numerous religious institutions. Non-profit landowners are removed from our property tax rolls. We accept this tax-exempt status not just locally, but also on a national level.

  • Column: A Raging Spirit

    Having just finished reading Chris Matthews’ book, “Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit,” I find myself yearning for a time when we had great national leaders on both sides of the aisle that struggled and fought to make our country better.

  • Column: A Rocket to Nowhere?

    As you likely read this, the 101st annual Florida Realtors convention is in progress up to Orlando. Three days of workshops, presentations, and a trade show, followed by two days of committee and governance meetings. Realtors getting a little party on, with some professional components.

  • Column: An Artist's Touch

    Summer 2017 is over, schools are back in session, the Fall holidays are fast approaching, and life here in Wilton Manors has just kicked it up a notch. Yes folks, it’s time for my annual warning that Christmas is just around the corner. Think I am crazy? Well, the next few months are jammed packed with activity; and if you think 2017 has been racing by, hold on to your hat because the ride is about to get a lot faster.
    As our city government, along with local non-profits, schools, and others swing back into action from a slower summer pace, calendars have been filling up fast. After September, we have the Jewish Holidays, then Halloween, Thanksgiving, and right into the Christmas holiday season and the end of the year. Before you know it, we will be singing Old Lang Syne and 2018 will be well on its way.

  • Column: Annus Horribilis

    As my household gets ready to celebrate my birthday, another year older, passing the mid fifty range and getting ever so close to sixty, I let my mind wander back over the past year. My thoughts keep going back to the opening words of a speech that Queen Elizabeth II gave in 1992, dubbed the “Annus Horribilis” speech. Replacing 1992 with 2017, I will take the liberty of plagiarizing Her Majesty’s words:

  • Column: Blue Moon 2018

    This past Friday, July 31, I sat outside looking for the rare Blue Moon, the second full moon this month. Unfortunately, the cloudy and rainy night hampered my viewing, but gave me the opportunity to relax after a very busy week here in Wilton Manors.

  • Column: Build That Wall!


    We hear the chanting. We hear the rhetoric. We are beginning to realize the need and the importance. We are beginning to understand that to do nothing is no longer an option. The problem is on the rise. The invaders are causing havoc and destruction. The chanting is growing louder and louder, Build the Wall, Build the Wall.