Wilton Manors Gazette

  • Column: The Election, the Commission Meeting and Other Ponderings

    Last week I took a short vacation to visit a friend in the mountains of Puerto Rico. While it was a much-need break from my routine here in Wilton Manors, have had to work double shifts since my return to make up the time, and I’m still trying to catch up on everything I missed.

  • Column: The Final Stretch

    Election Day is only three weeks away, mail-in ballots have been sent out, early voting will start next week, and we have entered the final stretch of this horrific election cycle.

  • Column: The Lavender Panthers

    In all my years living in Wilton Manors, I cannot remember a time when so many incidents have taken place targeting residents on our streets at night.

  • Column: The Pink Triangle

    The Pink Triangle began under the Nazi reign of terror as a badge to identify homosexuals. As homosexuals were rounded up in Germany and later throughout Europe, this pink triangle was stitched on the prison uniform as homosexuals were sent to concentration camps. We all know the fate of millions of Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, and others whom the Third Reich decreed inferior as Nazi forces marched forward with devastating state-sponsored ethnic and moral cleansing.

  • Column: We Hold These Truths

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

  • Column: Where Are the Arts in the ‘Arts and Entertainment District’?

    Last week I sat down and wrote my article for the Wilton Manors Gazette. However, I was a week early due to my miscalculation as to when the next edition would be published. The main topic had to do with our Art-less & Entertainment District along Wilton Drive. What a difference a week makes!

  • Column: Where, oh where, has the parking gone?

    Over the past few months, we have been waiting to see the final proposal for The Shoppes of Wilton Manors property that anchors our Arts & Entertainment District on Wilton Drive.

  • Column: Wilton Manors Pride

    As I sit down to write my article on the eve of our city’s Stonewall Pride Festival, we here in Wilton Manors have plenty to be proud of. This past week has reinforced my pride in our city, our community, and within myself. 

  • Column: Wilton Manors: We Need A Vision

    Wow, a very busy few weeks here in and around Wilton Manors. Weekend before last we had the Annual Fort Lauderdale Orchid Show, Music at Mickel Park, the Tree Giveaway, Document Shredding event, Pride Center 5k Run, and the Art Walk along Wilton Drive.

  • Comedy and Concerts

    The biggest acts come to the American Airlines Arena in Miami. Janet Jackson brings her Unbreakable World tour to the Triple A on Sept. 20, followed by Marc Anthony, Oct. 2 – 3, Ricky Martin, Oct. 24, and Taylor Swift, Oct. 29. Madonna will be stopping by, also, but you’ll have to wait until January. Get your tickets now. Tickets and more information at AAArena.com.

  • Commercial Recycling to Remain Voluntary

    In September of last year, Commissioner Tom Green expressed an interest in possibly making commercial recycling mandatory in the city.

  • Commission Approves Affordable Housing Program

    More than 10 years after the city established its Affordable Housing Program, commissioners have decided to implement it. The program was established in November of 2005 and is funded through impact fees - .25 to .50 cents per square foot on renovations and new construction. 

  • Commission Approves Medical Marijuana Retail Centers

    Wilton Manors will allow the operation of medical marijuana retail center dispensaries.

  • Commission Approves Resolution Denouncing Trump’s Response to Charlottesville

    Resolutions approved by the city commission are usually done so without much debate.

  • Commission Approves Tentative Property Tax Increase

    Property values are up in Wilton Manors and commissioners may take advantage with a slight increase in property taxes.

  • Commission Debates Alcohol Ordinance

    Wilton Manors’ bar and restaurant owners may soon have fewer chances to extend last call.

  • Commission Divided on Parking Lot Purchase

    Although city commissioners unanimously support efforts to acquire more land for parking on and near Wilton Drive, an available property, located at Northeast 23 Drive and Northeast 11 Avenue, has them divided.

  • Commission Extends Temporary Sign Ordinance

    For the fifth time, commissioners extended an ordinance which allows business owners to put out a temporary feather flag or banner to advertise their business. The extension was approved at the Nov. 28 meeting.

  • Commission Makes Move on Parking

    Tired of talk, Wilton Manors commissioners directed city staff to create a shuttle service to help alleviate some of the parking problems along Wilton Drive.

  • Commission May Call for Increased Liquor Tax to Help Homeless

    As Fort Lauderdale’s restriction on feeding the homeless in public parks grabs national headlines, the Wilton Manors Commission may propose a resolution to help fund programs aimed at helping the homeless.