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  • Column: Coming Out is Quickly Becoming No Big Deal

    One of the musical events of 2014 is the emergence of singer Sam Smith. Smith, a 22-year old from London, has been called “a male Adele” who “looks like the child of K.d. Lang and Boy George.”

  • Column: GNI’s NakedFest: A First-Time Experience

    As most people know, Gay Naturists International (GNI) had to cancel its annual Gathering this year because of a scheduling conflict. Instead, GNI hosted its first-ever NakedFest at Camp Ramblewood in northern Maryland, a venue more convenient than the Poconos for those of us who travel the Auto-Train from Florida. Holding NakedFest in early August also worked to my advantage, since my day job kept me from attending the late-August Gathering, year after year. Though I have been a proud member of GNI since 2000, NakedFest 2014 is the first time that I attended a GNI event.

  • Column: Godwin’s Universal Law

    I will start this article with an undisputed truth: The Nazis were evil. As rulers of Germany and conquerors of most of Europe, Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers’ Party killed tens of millions of human beings. Though they are most infamous for their genocidal murder of six million European Jews (in the Shoah or Holocaust), the Nazis also combined prejudice with power in the extermination of countless Roma Gypsies, Slavs, LGBT people, people with physical or mental disabilities, political dissidents, allied troops and anyone else whom they did not like (which included almost everybody). Hitler’s “Thousand Year Reich” (thankfully shortened to twelve years) set a standard for totalitarianism matched only by the Communist regimes of Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong. Almost 70 years after the end of World War II, Hitler and the Nazis are remembered as the epitome of evil, just as WWII itself is still referred to as “The War.”

  • Column: Upcoming Gay Naked Fest Bares All — Literally

    Gay Naturists International (GN) began as part of The Naturist Society in 1981 and became an independent organization in 1993. Through its affiliated clubs, GNI “lends a bare hand to any fellow who’s comfortable being gay and naked.”