• The HIV/AIDS Seniors Conference: The Irony of Aging

    Thirty-two years ago this month, I received a phone call from a nurse at my doctor’s office telling me that I had tested HIV positive. We didn’t schedule a follow-up visit or begin a treatment plan, because there wasn’t a single medication approved for the virus, which had only been identified the previous year. 

  • The Man Who Buried Them Remembers

    When he conducted the funerals, Tom Bonderenko tells me, he always wore his priestly garments and white stole. Even when no one showed up for the graveside service.

  • The Mirror Arts and Entertainment Fall Issue

    Table of Contents

  • The Missing Generation: A tribute to the early AIDS epidemic

    While some parts of our LGBT past have been well documented and have made their mark in American history, there are still several LGBT events and stories that have not been given the attention and dedication they deserve by our society at large. One of these often-overlooked segments of LGBT history is the early AIDS epidemic of the 1980s and 1990s.

  • The Republican Health Care Plan Would Devastate People With HIV

    The verdict is in. The one-two punch of President Donald Trump’s proposed federal budget and the House Republican health care bill, if actually enacted, would deal a devastating blow to people living with and at risk for HIV. And while the U.S. epidemic, which has been steadily improving on many fronts in recent years, would take a major hit, the president’s proposed cuts to global HIV funding could prove cataclysmic to developing nations.

  • The Sound and Fury of the PrEP Debate (and the Facts to Win It)

    “We don’t know the side effects of this drug. It’s too expensive. Insurance won’t cover it. It hasn’t been studied enough. It will encourage slutty behavior. And why the hell don’t people just use condoms?”  

  • The Spirit: June 11, 2014

    Here is the table of Contents for The Spirit's June 11, 2014 issue.

  • The Spirit: SFGN's HIV/AIDS News Source

  • The Story of HIV-positive Asylum Seeker Denis Davydov

    The gay, HIV-positive asylum seeker, Denis Davydov has returned to San Jose, Calif., after 46 days of detention in Krome Detention Center in Miami. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents detained Davydov for overstaying his entry visa, despite his pending asylum status. His case has now been transferred to California, but his next court date remains unknown.

  • The United States Conference on AIDS: Protests erupt over high drug costs

    In September 2016, the United States Conference on AIDS (USCA2016) occurred in Hollywood, Florida. The National Minority AIDS Council (NMAC) organized it. Drug manufacturers, Gilead, Merck, ViiV and others provided financial sponsorship.

  • The Updated National HIV/AIDS Strategy: An Analysis

    In July, the Office of National AIDS Policy released its updated National HIV/AIDS Strategy. This strategy updates the National HIV/AIDS Strategy of 2010. It has fourteen indicators to measure progress.

  • There Are Options On Protecting One’s Self From HIV

    These days, everything is about the ‘selfie.’ We listen to our personalized music playlists on our phones, binge-watch entire seasons of our favorite program on demand, and target our social media shout outs to specific people on our friends list.

  • This Month’s News From South Florida AIDS Network

    Each month HIV service providers and members of the HIV infected and affected communities meet to exchange information and gain knowledge about HIV at the monthly meeting of the South Florida AIDS Network (SFAN). Below are the highlights of the SFAN meeting on February 7, 2014.

  • This Won't Be The AIDS-Free Generation

    (CNN) -- He was just 18 years old when he got the news. It was the summer before his senior year in high school.

  • Those With HIV/AIDS Face Challenges with Mental Health and Self-Esteem

    Many individuals with HIV/AIDS don’t want your pity. But self-pity isn’t as easy to dismiss.

  • Three Decades ago, AIDS Activists Set Up Camp in SF Plaza

    Thirty years ago this month, two San Francisco men, fed up with government inaction as AIDS decimated the gay community, chained themselves to a federal building within sight of City Hall.

  • Three South Florida Scientists Awarded Grant for HIV Research

    Three South Florida scientists on the front line in the HIV/AIDS battle have been given $25,000 grants to further their research. Scientists at the University of Miami, Florida International University and Broward Health are the proud recipients of the grants from The Campbell Foundation.

  • Today is National HIV Testing Day!

    SFGN has compiled a list of HIV testing sites (November 2013) that are free in South Florida. We’ve broken it down by county, and cities in alphabetical order.

    Print it out, cut it up, highlight it, or whatever else. Just have it handy and use it.

  • Tony's Talks: Remembering John J. McNeill, A Passionate Priest For Gay Catholics

    The Catholic Church needed Rev. John J. McNeill much more than he needed that Church, but throughout his life – he died at the age of 90 on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 - he never stopped loving a Church that did not love him back.

  • Top HIV Innovations of 2016

    We moved closer than ever this year toward finding a cure for HIV/AIDS. Innovations included a new test to accurately measure the amount of HIV in your blood, a neutralizing antibody, new vaccine clinical trials, gene-editing technology, new apps -- even new condoms! We can conquer HIV/AIDS in our lifetime!