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  • Feature: Humans Of Wilton Manors

    Humans of Wilton Manors is an attempt at capturing the exhaustive, diverse community of Wilton Manors.

    I was inspired to do this after coming across Humans of New York, a Facebook page which uses photographs and quotes to provide strangers with a view of the daily life of people in New York.

    I chose Wilton Manors because of the unique, heavily-LGBT oriented crowd. In a 2010 census, Wilton Manors was ranked no. 2 nationally for its percentage of gay residents per total population.  

    Through this project which seeks to highlight the people of a unique city by matching their pictures with quotes from them, I hope to convey what makes Wilton Manors so special.

    Humans of Wilton Manors will be posted every week day at around noon. I hope that everyone will appreciate the subjects as I do.

    - Nicole Wiesenthal, South Florida Gay News Intern

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