• 'Bearsurrection’ Seeks To Promote Fort Lauderdale

    An attempt to revive South Florida’s fractured bear community is underway.

  • “Bear Necessities:” Bear World Magazine does Fashion Week

    Each year major designer companies and fashion houses come together to celebrate their respected fashion weeks. Most of the events cater to petite women, due to the recent explosion of plus size super model Ashley Graham, other companies have decided to follow suit.

  • Bear Weekend Comes To Key West Nov. 8-11

    For award-winning party curator Shane Tate his second annual Key West Bear Weekend is all about body positivity. 

    “It doesn’t matter if you’re 90 pounds or if you’re 300 pounds, you’re going to feel sexy, you’re going to have a good time and you’re going to be accepted exactly as you are,” Tate said. 

    This will be Tate’s second iteration of KWBW. The event kicks off Nov. 8. 

    KWBW began with a trial run in 2017, which saw more than 100 patrons descend on the island for a weekend of parties, fun and charity. This year organizers expect around 300 attendees –more than double last year’s attendance.

    Tate has cultivated a long career of community centric and inclusive events. In asking the secret to his success, Tate said he takes a local approach to curating parties for the LGBT community by analyzing the community and its needs to ensure the charitable component of Key West Bear Weekend speaks to the local community. 

    The 2018 KWBW will also welcome the crowning of the first Mr. Key West Bear. Along with the crown, the winner will have a platform to raise contributions to local Key West charities. Serving fun with purpose has catapulted Tate’s parties to must attend status within the community. 

    The “Bear” culture within the greater LGBT community was historically carved out of an under-represented portion of the community, who felt they didn’t quite fit the perfect smooth muscular body type that has been pervasive in the community as the standard for acceptance for many years. Seeking a space within the community to be body positive expressive, gave way to the emergence of this safe community space of expression which is rooted in an all accepting, all inclusive approach to LGBT togetherness. 

     When examining Shane Tate’s parties over his career, the connecting fiber in all of his events is a sense of inclusion, respect and moving the representation of the community forward.  

    This year, KWBW will add new parties and events. Party-goers will find a social calendar for the weekend that is chock full of pool parties, art and shopping trips and dance parties, including the Bubble Bear Foam Party and the Butch Queen Drag Bar Crawl. 

    Plus, new for 2018, the organizers are excited to welcome Joe Fiore’s legendary FURBALL party to Key West as their headline event featuring South Florida’s premier DJ Alex Ferbeyre on Saturday, Nov. 10.

    Attendees are encouraged to purchase an all-access pass for $65, which waives the cover charge for all official events over the weekend, gets the holder unlimited access to the Island House Resort, and also includes a number of exclusive discounts and offers at businesses around the island. Local residents of Key West will get a discounted pass for $50. 

    Visit for more info and to purchase a pass. Key West Bear Weekend is presented by Shane Tate and Bear World Magazine, and sponsored by Island House Resort, Scruff, 127 Travel, Gun Oil and The Leather Master Key West. The weekend of bear celebration begins on Thursday, Nov. 8 and runs through Sunday, Nov. 11. 

    Side Bar:

    Event: Meat Happy Hour
    When: Friday November 9
    Where: Island House Key West 1129 Fleming Street
    Description: Start the weekend right by meeting your furry friends for an all-male, clothing optional oasis. This MUST attend KWBW pass inclusive happy hour includes 2-4-1 on everything. Enjoy FREE gourmet appetizers passed around poolside.
    More info:

    What: Bubble Bear Foam Party
    When: Friday November 9
    Where: Bourbon St. Pub
    Description: Pool and hot tub filled with hot bubbly bears while live DJ’s and Go-Go bears entertain.
    More info:

    What: Mr. Key West Bear Contest
    When: Saturday Nov. 10
    Where: Back Bar 711 Duval Street
    Description: KWBW crowns its first Mr. Key West Bear.
    More info:

    What: FURBALL powered by Scruff
    When: Saturday November 10
    Where: Side Bar 504 Angela Street
    Description: KWBW Main Event featuring Joe Fiore’s bear dance party featuring DJ Alex Ferbeyre.
    More info:

    Event: Butch Queen Bar Crawl
    When: Sunday November 11
    Where: Aqua Night Club 711 Duval St
    Description: Sissy that walk with bears dressed in their fiercest butch queen looks for an epic bar crawl.
    More info:

  • Bears, Cubs and Otters…Oh My — BeachBear Weekend, May 7-12

    The beaches and nightclubs of Fort Lauderdale will be filled with bears and cubs as part of the 3rd annual BeachBear Weekend. This year’s event will be no exception.

  • Design Your Bear Room

    How do you define your grizzly side? If you really want to “bear” your true colors, take a look at these suggestions for turning your den into a true cave of wonders.

  • UK University Launches Study Into Bear Culture

    The University of Brighton recently approved a study into one of the gay community's biggest subcultures.

    Pink News reportsthe school approved research that will examine gay bear culture in the U.K. The study will be headed by Dr. Nick McGlynn, who is a "proud self-identified bear" and says he wants to "explore the experiences of big and fat men in Bear bars, pubs, clubs and events, and to understand how these spaces might help tackle fat stigma for men."

    The University of Brighton gave McGlynn £6,726 (nearly $8,900 USD) for the study.

    McGlynn is calling the study "Bearspace" and is aiming to create a "complete database of every Bear bar, pub, club event, and social group in the U.K." so that information can use used for "one of the wold's largest empirical studies of Bear communities."


    Bearspace now has its own Twitter account, which announced the project on July 11.

    On the University of Brighton's website, the school describes the project:

    "This research attends to an unexplored intersection of geographies of sexualities, and fatness/obesity. In a nation grappling with an 'obesity epidemic', fat people in the UK are highly stigmatised as unhealthy and sexually repulsive, with resultant serious mental/physical health impacts.

    "Fat stigma is intensified in gay/bisexual men's spaces, yet the impacts of fat stigma on men's health or sexuality have received little attention.

    "The project aims to uncover the role of geography in the marginalisation and/or empowerment of fat gay/bisexual men in the UK. It engages with space, fatness and sexuality through work in the 'Bear' community - a large global subculture of large-bodied gay/bisexual men.

    "The double stigma of fatness/sexuality has significant impacts on Bears' mental and physical health, and Bear bars, clubs, and events are consequently experienced as 'safe spaces' for those excluded from both mainstream (due to sexuality) and gay/bisexual men's spaces (due to fatness).

    "The project will develop six case studies of UK Bear spaces, each comprising an on-site focus group, individual interviews, and the researcher's own autoethnographic account as a self-identified Bear."