Bruce Presley

  • After SFGN Investigation Symphony and Stonewall Scrub Websites of Accused Abuser

    After SFGN published an interview with six men accusing local philanthropist and documentarian Bruce Presley of forcing them to exercise naked while he watched, two local non-profits scrubbed their websites of him.

  • Former Prep School Housemaster Accused of Abuse Decades Later

    Push ups. Sit ups. Jumping jacks. Repeat. 

    John Watkin, 59, of Chapel Hill, North Carolina can remember those exercises like they happened yesterday, even though it was 40 years ago in 1978. 

    It was punishment. All high school kids get in trouble. But this wasn’t a normal reprimand. 

    Watkin was naked and dripping wet while his housemaster, a long time teacher at the prestigious Lawrenceville School in New Jersey, sat in his brown leather chair a few feet away and watched him, instructing him on which exercises to complete.