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  • Can SFGN Remain Impartial After Publisher Hosts Fundraiser for Crist?

    As the 2014 gubernatorial race begins to heat up in Florida, the LGBT community will be turning to our local community publications in hopes of finding an unbiased moderator to facilitate dialogue and debate between all candidates vying for the highest elected office in the Sunshine State. But last week when the publishers of the South Florida Gay News and the Florida Agenda were partying-it-up at the home of Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Dean Trantalis, the journalistic integrity of our community's publications was compromised.

  • Congressman A Kissing Hypocrite

    (CNN) -- When is a kiss not just a kiss? When it's a political undoing. On Monday, a Louisiana newspaper posted a video showing freshman Louisiana Rep. Vance McAllister, a conservative Christian and married father of five, in an extended passionate kiss. In his government office. With someone other than his wife.

  • Gay Rights Group Gives Illinois Republican Lawmakers Cash

    CHICAGO (AP) - An advocacy group supporting gay and lesbians causes in Illinois is bolstering the campaign funds of two Republican lawmakers.

  • Is It Time For The Tea Party To Divorce The GOP?

    (CNN) -- Despite objections from popular Republican Sens. Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, it seem the much-criticized budget deal will get final congressional approval this week, sidestepping the cooked-up dramas that have come to define the 113th Congress.

  • Letters to the Editor: The Miami LCR Hosts Reception for Gay Republicans

    The Miami Log Cabin Republican (LCR) Club, hosted an historic reception for two Gay Republican Congressional candidates: Carl DeMaio and Richard Tisei, from San Diego, CA and Lynnfield, MA, respectively.

  • Mayor De Blasio Won’t be in NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade

    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (dih BLAH’-zee-oh) says he won’t be marching in the nation’s largest St. Patrick’s Day parade.

  • Medicaid Contracts, a Close Friend, Big Money and Gov. Scott’s Re-election Campaign

    [Recently] Coral Gables healthcare tycoon Miguel B. “Mike” Fernandez hosted a Sunday afternoon barbecue with Gov. Rick Scott, Scott’s wife Ann and key members of the governor’s campaign finance team.

  • Nan Rich for Florida Governor, an Authentic Leader

    As Florida’s August Democratic Primary for the 2014 gubernatorial election approaches, Florida’s LGBT voters hope to elect a leader with a solid record as a champion for equality and one who is capable of solving Florida’s many challenges.   Whoever is elected as Florida’s Governor will also likely have the opportunity to choose the next Supreme Court Justices.

  • Op-Ed: Charlie Crist for Governor - Newspapers Have a Duty to Speak Out

    Here is a wake up call for those criticizing this newspaper’s transparent support of Charlie Crist’s gubernatorial campaign. Of course we are taking a position. Newspapers are not potted plants.

  • Op-Ed: I Support Nan Rich

    Should progressives vote for the viable candidate or the one they agree with?

  • Op-Ed: Tell Mom the Gay Community Has Some New Friends

    A week from today, I will be co-hosting a cocktail party for gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist at the home of Fort Lauderdale city commissioner Dean Trantalis.

  • Op-Ed: Why I Put That Sign In My Pizzeria Window

    Editor's note: Rocco DiGrazia describes himself as a "failed anthropologist and thwarted musician, but a decent father and passable pizzaiolo." He owns Rocco's Little Chicago Pizzeria in Tucson, Arizona, and is married with two children.

  • Putin Triumphs in 2013 Yet Tough Challenges Loom

    Displaying the killer instincts of a chess grandmaster, Vladimir Putin rang out 2013 with an exceptional list of accomplishments.

  • Risky Votes Lead To Primary Challenges In Illinois

    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Several state lawmakers risk losing their seats in Tuesday's primary election because of high-profile votes for cutting state worker retirement benefits or legalizing gay marriage.

  • Russia's Vladimir Putin Links Gays to Pedophiles

    MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered new assurances to gay athletes and fans attending the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics next month. Yet he defended Russia's anti-gay law by equating gays with pedophiles and said Russia needs to "cleanse" itself of homosexuality if it wants to increase its birth rate.

  • SC Legislators to State Universities: Assign Gay Material, See Your Money Cut

    (CNN) -- Some state legislators in South Carolina want to teach a lesson -- to two of the state's public universities.

  • Todd Upset by Anti-Gay Marriage Resolution Vote

    MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – The Alabama House of Representatives on Wednesday approved a resolution urging an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to ban gay marriage.

  • Utah Gov. Committed to Gay Marriage Ban

    Gov. Gary Herbert says he’s committed to defending Utah’s voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage but says the issue should be handled with civility and respect.

  • Wilton Manors Mayor Urges Arizona Gov. To Veto Anti-Gay Bill

    Reprinted in it's entirety:

    February 25, 2014


    The Honorable Jan Brewer
    Arizona Governor
    Executive Tower
    1700 West Washington Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85007

    Dear Governor Brewer:

    I strongly encourage you to oppose SB 1062, which would allow business owners to turn away gay and lesbian consumers. While I have never written to another State’s Governor about legislation under consideration, this Bill has the potential to serve as dangerous precedent for the entire country.

    Your leadership in vetoing the Bill would send a clear and unequivocal message that discrimination against any person will not be encouraged, supported or defended in the State of Arizona. As Governor of one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse states in this country, please declare that you will not stand by and allow hatred and discrimination to be permitted on your watch! Does Arizona really want to propel our nation toward more divisiveness?  

    The City of Wilton Manors, Florida, and our greater metropolitan area, consisting of nearly 2 million people, celebrate our diversity. While we may have significant differences and do not always agree, we realize that by working together, we can achieve more for our entire community. Arizona does not need to be labeled as the first state in the country to enshrine in its laws permission and acceptance to hate and to cast aside the GLBT community.

    Certainly, from an economic standpoint, it does not make sense for businesses to turn away an entire segment of consumers, particularly such a strong economic segment as GLBT consumers and business owners.  I have had the privilege of working with many elected officials from Arizona through the National League of Cities and other national organizations. We have excellent working relationships. I cannot imagine that I would not be welcome to do business in your State because of my sexual orientation. There are hundreds of valid arguments why SB 1062 is bad policy, but the bottom line, it’s just plain wrong.  Thank you for your consideration.

    Respectfully yours,

    Gary Resnick

    cc:          City Commission

             City Manager

             Executive Director, National League of Cities