• New Federal Dietary Guidelines Call for Less Meat

    Many Americans, especially men and teenage boys, eat too much red meat, poultry and eggs, and should reduce their consumption, according to new federal dietary guidelines jointly released on January 7 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services. Reducing Americans' meat consumption will not only help improve public health, but reduce climate and water pollution from the meat industry.

  • Out On The Trail: Equality Florida Honors Carson

    A capacity crowd squeezed into a restaurant in Wilton Manors, Sept. 1, to see City Commissioner Julie Carson recognized by Equality Florida. Carson, a lesbian, received the civil rights organization’s Community Partner for Equality Award.

  • Penny’s at the Duke Third Annual Chili Cook Off

    Penny’s at the Duke will hold its Third Annual Chili Cook-Off Sunday, Feb. 8 at 1 p.m. at 902 N Dixie Highway in Lantana. Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Compass Youth Program.

  • Pied Piper Cruise #2: Island Hopping

    In my last column I wrote about my first cruise with an LGBT tour group, the Pied Piper Post-Thanksgiving cruise. To my delight, it was not all about pretty boys in skimpy swimsuits (but there were plenty of those available). After a day at sea we reached our first port of call, and from then on, the pattern was; explore a port, board the ship and party while we sailed to the next island. Now let’s focus on the all the fun shipboard and at the Caribbean ports of call.

  • Put the Boy in Boynton Beach

    Boynton Beach may not have the LGBT presence that Wilton Manors has, but then again where else does? Located midway between Lake Worth and Delray, Boynton Beach is coming into its own. You can see signs of it everywhere, from the multimillion dollar homes popping up next to trailer parks, to the renovations taking place downtown.

  • Regional Favorites: Deep dish pizza, Italian beef and Garrett's popcorn

    Since South Florida is so full of people who have relocated from other parts of the country, you will invariably hear people from a region bemoaning the foods that they miss. Philadelphians miss authentic cheesesteaks, New Englanders yearn for authentic lobster rolls, and Californians crave In-N-Out burgers. However, it seems that those who moan and complain the loudest are Chicagoans.

  • Resolution Revolution – Where to Eat Out and Eat Healthy

    Okay, here we are in the middle of January and you still haven’t kept that New Year’s resolution to start eating better. Whether you made that resolution to try to drop a few pounds, for health reasons, or to just start living a healthier lifestyle, it’s a good idea. 

  • Rick's Recipes: An Anniversary Feast

    Happy 7th anniversary SFGN! I am so proud to be a part of the SFGN family. I’ve been writing for the LGBT media for 30 plus years and SFGN is the most professionally run publication for which I’ve had the pleasure of working.

  • Rick's Recipes: Hurricane Cuisine

    OK, I just survived my first hurricane. Not realizing that everything would be closed for days after the hurricane, I was ill-prepared. I thought, “If we’re without power, we’ll just dine out.” It never occurred to me that everyplace else would be without power, too. Hey, before this hair turned white, I used to be a blond!

  • Rick's Recipes: Just Like Grandma Used to Make

    Soup is incredibly easy to prepare, freezes easily and can make for a quick meal or comforting fare while you’re battling the flu that’s going around. Here are some recipes, tested by grandmothers from all corners of the world. All of these dishes can also be made in a slow cooker, allowing you plenty of time to lie on the couch and recuperate.

  • Rick's Recipes: Party Palate Pleasers

    It’s that time of year when the party invites start coming and you don’t want to arrive at the celebration empty-handed. Non-foodies will show up with a bottle of wine or some store-bought pastries. The truly lazy stop on the way and buy a bag of chips and some dip (unless they’re cheap, then they just buy the chips). You want to do more than that, don’t you? Here are some great dishes to bring to holiday parties that are easy to prepare and travel easily.

  • Rick's Recipes: Salad Days

    As the weather gets warmer you’re going to want to spend less time hanging around the stove, much less turn on an oven. Entrée salads are a great option this time of year, they’re easy to make and as a bonus, can be healthier than a meat and potatoes dish. Here are a few of my favorite recipes to try, all of which serve two as an entrée, four as a side salad. Before you begin, a couple of tips:

  • Rick's Recipes: Start the New Year With A Better Brunch

    Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but brunch is the most fabulous! The problem is that it is too easy to get the day off to an unhealthy start. When dining out, opt for a fresh fruit plate, poached eggs and dry toast, oatmeal with fruit or a salad. If you’re cooking at home there are so many healthy brunch recipes you have no reason to feel deprived. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • Rick's Recipes: Taste the Rainbow

    While “Taste the Rainbow” may be the catchphrase for Skittles commercials, this time of year you may want to co-opt it for your next Pride celebration. As I motor up to D.C. for the Equality March for Unity and Pride, here are a few of my favorite recipes for rainbow-themed dishes.

  • Rick's Recipes: Taste the Rainbow: Pride Brunch Recipes

    Skittles may use the phrase “Taste the Rainbow” to promote its candy, but it really should be used for LGBT Pride treats, and I ain’t talking about the boys in the underwear riding the floats!

  • Rick's Recipes: You’re Pulling My Rib! (That is my rib, right?)

    This past Memorial Day I was reminded of when I was a kid and we lived up north. Memorial Day meant my father would drag out the old Weber Grill for the first barbecue of the summer. Never mind that in Chicago, snow is still a possibility until June!

  • Rick's Review: Doin’ A Backflip for Summer

    Plunge Beach Hotel recently opened at the north end of El Mar Dr. in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea and the Backflip Beach Bar & Kitchen is already becoming a favorite among locals. It is perhaps the ultimate laid-back beach bar, serving local brews and rum-fueled cocktails that would make Hemingway smile. Its fresh juice-infused drinks have just the right amount of kick (many of which can also be ordered sans alcohol). Check out the Sharkbait; vodka with raspberry puree and ginger beer, the Tweet Me Ishmael with coconut rum and mango puree or an Aperol Fizz.

  • Rick's Reviews: A is for...

    A is for acclaimed. A is for affable. A is for accomplished. Finally, A is for Angelo, as in Angelo Elia, the Italian-born chef/restaurateur, whose impressive roster of dining establishments includes three Casa D’Angelo restaurants (Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and Paradise Island/Bahamas), as well as a growing chain of wildly-popular casual-chic Italian eateries – Angelo Elia Pizza, Bar, Tapas (Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Delray Beach and Coral Springs) and the Angelo Elia Bakery Bar.

  • Rick's Reviews: A Toast to Love and Other News You Can Use

    With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to think of making a reservation for that romantic dinner. Quite a few places will be offering “special” Valentine’s Day dinners for two, which usually means jacked-up prices and a limited selection. However, two spots are offering special cocktails and that’s always reason to celebrate. For those of you not observing the holiday, there are plenty of other specials and a few new restaurants to pique your interest.

  • Rick's Reviews: Basque in the Glory

    The area in West Palm that flanks Dixie Highway has long been known as Antique Alley for the preponderance of antique and vintage furniture stores. As far as dining goes, it was a vast wasteland, until recently. Several new restaurants have popped up in the past couple of years and the latest, Basque in the historic Hotel Biba, has got to be one of the best dining experiences, not just in the area, but in all of South Florida. What’s even more amazing is that the majority of the food is prepared and served out of a food truck.