• 'Barefoot Contessa' Comes to Fort Lauderdale

    The old adage goes “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

  • Calling All Food Nerds!

    It’s an oft-quoted line; “Cooking is art and baking is science.” Alton Brown proves that it’s all about the science! The Food Network host and resident food nerd brings his one-man show, “Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science” to the Broward Center on Apr. 19. With a perfect blend of science, food and music in two hours of pure entertainment, James Beard Award-winner Brown dishes out exciting experiments, sizzling puns and delicious delicacies, combined with interactive fun that gets audiences members involved. Tickets range from $45 to $125.

  • Cheese Chat: Italy and Cheese

    Italy — the country of great cuisine, amazingly delicious and little-known wine varietals, olive oil, art and opera and cheese. It is estimated that there are over 450 different types of cheese made in Italy. Of these, 34 have been granted a protected status by the European Commission. Some of Italy’s most famous cheeses, such as Pecorino, are believed to have roots dating back over 2,000 years. While tracing any cheese’s exact history can be difficult, of one thing there is no doubt: Italy has a passion for cheese and an ability to create world-class cheeses that are loved and eaten around the world.

  • Chews News

    Although Food Network’s and Cooking Channel’s South Beach Wine & Food Festival (SoBeWFF) isn’t until Feb., tickets go on sale soon (if they haven’t already by the time you read this) and are snatched up quickly. With more than 90 events taking place from Feb. 22 through 26, it is widely recognized as one of America’s most prestigious food and dining festivals.

  • Cooking As Therapy

    Ask any foodie and they’ll tell you that cooking is far from a chore. For most it is relaxing and therapeutic. (Cleaning up on the other hand…) That’s true not just for the home cook, but in hospitals, businesses and schools as well. Cooking is increasingly being used in a variety of institutional settings for everything from job training to recovery.

  • Devouring the Drive: These places are bars but many of them serve up some must-try culinary delights

    With so many bars on the drive either serving food, or changing up their menus, not to mention the newcomers joining the party, we felt it was time to take a look at the fare that’s available. We have focused only on those places that are primarily known as bars or clubs, so Tropics and Rosie’s, both primarily restaurants are not included.

  • FDA Bans some Mexican Cilantro After Feces Found in Fields

    The Food and Drug Administration is banning imports of some fresh cilantro from Puebla, Mexico, after a government investigation found human feces and toilet paper in growing fields there.

  • Food: How to Set A Fabulous Table

    Whether you’re serving an eight-course plated dinner or putting together a casual buffet, it’s the little things that make the difference between a gorgeous table that people will admire and a tacky spread that people will talk about behind your back. By following a few simple rules, you can easily put together a beautiful table. Of course, rules were made to be broken, so I’ve given you a few options for that, as well.

  • Food: Sausage Party

    I was excited to see that the movie R-rated film called “Sausage Party” with some of my favorite make stars, opened a few weeks ago. Imagine my disappointment to find out that not only was it an animated film, it starred actual sausages!

  • Gifts for Foodies


    Now that all that “Black Friday,” “Small Business Saturday” and “Cyber Monday” hype has died down, it’s time to go shopping without the crazies. Of course, the easiest and most convenient way to shop is in your underwear – or naked (by that I mean online, I have to specify, because in this town, you never know).

  • M is for…

    Mother, Mom, Mommy, Mama, Madre…whatever you call her and whether she’s your best friend or a royal pain in the ass, if she’s living nearby, you’ll probably be seeing her on Sunday, May 8, Mother’s Day and, if you’re like most people, you’ll be taking her out to eat. Whether it’s dinner or brunch, there is no shortage of options, as most restaurants pull out all the stops for this holiday.

  • Mirror Food: Appetite for Applause

    As a kid, I used to watch old movies on television. I especially loved the scenes when Nick and Nora Charles would go to a supper club. They’d be having a wonderful meal and watching a singer or floor show when a waiter would come by and Nick would order, “Two martinis, please.” Myrna Loy, as his lovely wife Nora, would then look up at the waiter and say, “That sounds delightful, I’ll have the same.”

  • New Federal Dietary Guidelines Call for Less Meat

    Many Americans, especially men and teenage boys, eat too much red meat, poultry and eggs, and should reduce their consumption, according to new federal dietary guidelines jointly released on January 7 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services. Reducing Americans' meat consumption will not only help improve public health, but reduce climate and water pollution from the meat industry.

  • Out On The Trail: Equality Florida Honors Carson

    A capacity crowd squeezed into a restaurant in Wilton Manors, Sept. 1, to see City Commissioner Julie Carson recognized by Equality Florida. Carson, a lesbian, received the civil rights organization’s Community Partner for Equality Award.

  • Penny’s at the Duke Third Annual Chili Cook Off

    Penny’s at the Duke will hold its Third Annual Chili Cook-Off Sunday, Feb. 8 at 1 p.m. at 902 N Dixie Highway in Lantana. Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Compass Youth Program.

  • Pied Piper Cruise #2: Island Hopping

    In my last column I wrote about my first cruise with an LGBT tour group, the Pied Piper Post-Thanksgiving cruise. To my delight, it was not all about pretty boys in skimpy swimsuits (but there were plenty of those available). After a day at sea we reached our first port of call, and from then on, the pattern was; explore a port, board the ship and party while we sailed to the next island. Now let’s focus on the all the fun shipboard and at the Caribbean ports of call.

  • Put the Boy in Boynton Beach

    Boynton Beach may not have the LGBT presence that Wilton Manors has, but then again where else does? Located midway between Lake Worth and Delray, Boynton Beach is coming into its own. You can see signs of it everywhere, from the multimillion dollar homes popping up next to trailer parks, to the renovations taking place downtown.

  • Rick's Recipes: An Anniversary Feast

    Happy 7th anniversary SFGN! I am so proud to be a part of the SFGN family. I’ve been writing for the LGBT media for 30 plus years and SFGN is the most professionally run publication for which I’ve had the pleasure of working.

  • Rick's Recipes: Taste the Rainbow: Pride Brunch Recipes

    Skittles may use the phrase “Taste the Rainbow” to promote its candy, but it really should be used for LGBT Pride treats, and I ain’t talking about the boys in the underwear riding the floats!

  • Rick's Recipes: You’re Pulling My Rib! (That is my rib, right?)

    This past Memorial Day I was reminded of when I was a kid and we lived up north. Memorial Day meant my father would drag out the old Weber Grill for the first barbecue of the summer. Never mind that in Chicago, snow is still a possibility until June!