• Royal Marines Make Debut at LGBT Pride Parade in London

    London Mayor Sadiq Khan and a contingent of Royal Marines have joined tens of thousands of people celebrating Britain's LGBT community at a massive parade.

  • RuneScape Developers Launch Pride Event Despite Homophobic Backlash

    Gaymers have a new way to celebrate pride month — even if some players are staging in-game riots.

  • San Francisco Gay Pride Parade Attracts Multitudes

    SAN FRANCISCO -- The 44th Annual San Francisco Gay Pride Parade attracted more than 100,000 spectators and participants under unseasonably warm and sunny skies Sunday.

  • Sao Paulo Celebrates LGBT Pride As Activists Call for Laws Against Discrimination

    SAO PAULO — Gay rights advocates called for a Brazilian law against discrimination as they gathered by the hundreds of thousands in Sao Paulo on Sunday for one of the world’s largest gay pride parades.

  • Sarasota looks to “Color the World with Pride”

    Sarasota celebrates the 26th annual Pridefest in J.D. Hamel Park Saturday, Oct. 17.

  • Serbia Police Protect Gay Pride March, Allowing It To Proceed Undisturbed

    BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — Waving rainbow-colored flags, several hundred gay activists proceeded undisturbed through downtown Belgrade on Sunday thanks to the protection of thousands of riot police.

  • Serbia Pride March Calls for Solidarity With Migrants

    BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) - Hundreds attending a tightly-secured gay pride event on Sunday in Serbia called for solidarity with tens of thousands of migrants passing through the Balkan country in search of a new life in Western Europe.

  • Serbia's Leader Attends Gay Pride March for First Time

    (AP) Serbia's first ever openly gay prime minister joined several hundred gay activists Sunday at a pride event in Belgrade amid tight security in the conservative Balkan country.

  • SFGN Nites for the Week of November 18 - 23, 2015

  • SFGN Nites for the Week of October 7-13, 2015

  • Sponsorship Of Gay Pride Parades On The Rise

    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- In between muscular men in speedos gyrating to thumping dance music and drag queens decked out in formal gowns, Salt Lake City's gay pride parade also featured a few, more conventional participants: Some of America's most well-known companies.

  • St. Pete Gears up for PrideFest; More Than 175,000 Expected

    Florida's celebrates the largest Pride festival of the year, the 12th annual St Pete Pride Street Festival and Promenade, which takes place June 27-29.

  • Teacher Resigns After Anti-Bullying Video Upsets Parents

    CONWAY SPRINGS, Kan. (AP) — A Conway Springs teacher has been asked to resign after showing students an anti-bully video that depicts a dystopian society in which homosexual children bully heterosexual children.

  • Teen Killed In Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade Stabbing, To Be Laid To Rest

    By Eliott C. McLaughlin, Oren Liebermann and Jason Hanna (CNN) -- Shira Banki, the high schooler fatally stabbed at a gay pride parade in Jerusalem, will be laid to rest Monday, a day after Israel's Prime Minister called on his people to "vigorously fight manifestations of hate."

  • Thomas Cook Airlines Launches Interactive LGBTQ Map

    Thomas Cook Airlines analyzed close to 1000 incredible moments -- including first Prides around the world -- from over 100 countries that have all propelled the LGBTQ community forward since the Stonewall Riots in 1969. This information has been aggregated into an interactive world love map

    Some U.S. trends uncovered in their research include:


    • Changes in U.S. law that positively impacted the LGBT+ community since Stonewall, such as anti-discrimination laws and the right to adopt, mostly took place in the 2000s. Research shows 63 legislation changes in this decade alone, compared to just three in the 80s.

    • 90s America was the most active decade when it comes to analyzing activist movements. The huge number of legislative changes that took place in the following decade proves that these movements truly spurred positive change.

    • 20 Pride events were established in the USA in the 1970s alone. Six of the notoriously right-wing southern states held their first Pride marches during this time, too.

      To see how accurate this research was, Thomas Cook Airlines also sent LGBTQ YouTube stars Riyadh Khalaf and Doug Armstrong to the U.S. to experience NewarkPride (yes, Newark... as in New Jersey!) and San Diego Pride. Both created epic video diaries of their time there... have a watch!

      Riyadh said: "Newark Pride was a surprise for us. If I'm honest, I expected the event to be bigger but what we were greeted with was an intimate crowd of passionate marchers that weren't more than 400 in size. Compared to gigantic pride celebrations like that of London and Manchester, Pride in Newark felt incredibly intimate and poignant. The local LGBTQ+ community may not be huge but they were beaming with Pride, colour, bravery and conviction. It felt like a real honour to step into their space and celebrate this moment alongside them."


     Doug said: "San Diego Pride itself was the best part of the trip. I was a little bit nervous about attending alone, but within seconds of getting out of my cab a friendly drag queen came over, made conversation, and filled me in with everything I needed to know. I quickly made friends throughout the weekend too. The atmosphere of the parade was electric and although it stretched for miles, it was a lot more intimate than other pride events I'd been to. Anyone is free to walk in the parade, and there was a real sense of community and friendliness that made me feel at home."


  • Those Offended by #NoJusticeNoPride Should Learn LGBT History

    Hell hath no fury like a privileged white gay man who has waited too long for the next pride parade contingent to sashay by. 

  • Thousands Celebrate LGBT Pride in Mike Pence's Hometown

    (EDGE) An LGBT Pride event in Vice President Mike Pence's hometown over the weekend went better than expected, thanks to a local high school student.

  • Thousands March In Cyprus' 1st Gay Pride Parade

    NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) _ Several thousand people turned out for Cyprus' first gay pride parade on Saturday, exceeding the expectations of organizers who said the event's popularity shows that Cypriots are shedding their conservative attitudes.

  • Thousands, Including PM, Attend Stockholm's Gay Pride March

    (AP) Tens of thousands of people, including Sweden's prime minister, have participated in Stockholm's annual gay pride parade, walking along streets sprinkled with balloons and rainbow flags.

  • Tickets on Sale Now for Annual Stonewall Black and White Ball in West Palm Beach

    The 13th annual Stonewall Black and White Compass ball will be honoring 45 years of LGBT accomplishments of the gay rights movement on Saturday June 28at the Harriet Himmel at CityPlace, in the heart of downtown West Palm Beach.