• 'Bears of Beirut' :: New Documentary Looks for Help

    "The Bears of Beirut" -- a new documentary about two Lebanese gay men doing their best to help other gay people streaming in from Syria's brutal war -- is looking for your help. The public can donate to the film's production via a campaign on and receive a multitude of perks in return.

  • ‘Six Words:’ Documentary explores LGBT rights in Jacksonville

    The absence of six words in Jacksonville’s human rights ordinance gives business owners the right to refuse service to a gay man, allows a landlord to not rent to a transgender person, or give the freedom to a boss to fire his lesbian employee.

  • AIDS Quilt Film 'The Last One' Begins Screenings on West Coast

    On November 10 in San Francisco, Red Thread Productions will kick off their fall 2015 screening dates for the feature-length documentary, "The Last One: Unfolding The AIDS Memorial Quilt," and released plans for a 2016 National Youth Outreach Campaign that will couple displays of the AIDS Memorial Quilt with screenings of the film.

  • Best of 2015: Palm Beach County

    Here are the winners of SFGN's "Best of 2015" in Palm Beach County.

  • Campaign of Hate - Russia and Gay Propaganda

    Michael Lucas has never shied from controversy. Whether as the preeminent gay-­?porn auteur of his generation or as an independent-­?minded social commentator and op-­ed columnist, Lucas has built a career out of breaking taboos.

  • Compelling Documentary Proves Little Has Changed in Politics

    Viewers flipping channels on television during the presidential election cycle are likely to catch colorful, outspoken pundits discussing civil rights, income equality and culture wars—but we’re not talking about 2015, but 47 years ago.

  • Documentary Chronicles Life, Career of Sophie Tucker

    Years before Mae West and Marilyn Monroe became popular, Sophie Tucker was the original blonde bombshell. Tucker was there when the phonograph was invented, as well as movies, radio and television, and she was a star on each.

  • Documentary Explores Life and Times of ‘Divine’

    There's never been anyone quite like Harris Glenn Milstead.

  • Documentary Makers Want Stories of Father Bill Collins

    Paul Schlegel has lost count of the number of times he witnessed Poverello founder Father Bill Collins administer to men dying of HIV/AIDS in hospitals. But Schlegel has no problem remembering how Collins, who died on May 10, treated those men.

  • Documentary Puts LGBT Face on Immigration Debate

    Jose Antonio Vargas was living the American dream. A young Filipino-American, Vargas had won the Pulitzer Prize for journalism and worked for some of the largest news outlets in country. There was just one problem. Vargas is an undocumented immigrant.

  • Documentary Showcases Gay Rodeo While Dispelling Myths and Stereotypes

    A new documentary from straight filmmaker Matt Livadary chronicles his year on the gay rodeo circuit.

    South Florida audiences will be among the first to view a new documentary about the gay rodeo lifestyle, “Queens and Cowboys: A Straight Year on the Gay Rodeo Circuit.”

  • Dog obedience classes offered at Hagen Park

    Is your dog a bad pup who keeps peeing on the floor and eating your shoes? Thanks to Hagen Park and their dog obedience classes, your shoes and your house will be relatively safe.

  • Families of Choice: New documentary celebrates family and friendship

    LGBT families of choice are celebrated in “One Stride: Chosen Family,” a newly produced short documentary from Barefoot Wines. Viewers of the film will meet people who have forged loving, familial relationships with people who are not of their blood. The film is divided into three segments.

  • Forbidden: New doc focuses on a queer Latino undocumented immigrant

    On Friday Sept. 1 LOGO, in partnership with the American Civil Liberties Union, will present the new documentary "Forbidden: Undocumented and Queer in Rural America."

  • Friends & Family Remember Matthew Shepard in New Doc

    "Where would we be with the equality movement and the gay community if Matt hadn't died? Would we be this far?" Dennis Shepard wonders. After a thoughtful bittersweet pause he concludes, "We wouldn't even be close."

  • Gay Man Documents Journey of LGBT Refugees Fleeing Iran For Turkey

    New York filmmaker Rick Flynn addresses and exposes the daunting realities that exist for LGBT abroad in his debut feature documentary “Golf Alpha Yankee.”

  • Greg Louganis Says He Appreciates Fellow Olympian Jenner's Journey

    BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — Greg Louganis said he was unaware of fellow Olympian Bruce Jenner's gender identity struggle when their paths crossed at the Summer 1976 Games and in later years.

  • Greg Louganis’ ‘Back on Board’

    Four-time Olympic gold medalist Greg Louganis is universally recognized as the greatest diver ever, but his greatest impact may ultimately come from being one of the first openly gay athletes in America. The intimate documentary "Back On Board: Greg Louganis" looks at the public triumphs and private struggles of this LGBT trailblazer. It debuted Tuesday, August 4 exclusively on HBO.

  • In New Documentary, Reagan Admin Laughs Off AIDS Crisis

    A new documentary is shedding light on Ronald Reagan and his administration's lack of respond to the early days of the HIV/AIDS crisis in the 80s, Gay Star News reports.

  • Interview With Executve Producer: "Kidnapped For Christ"

    Kate Logan’s investigative documentary, “Kidnapped for Christ,”which aired July 10 on Showtime, was originally meant to be an evenhanded examination of Escuela Caribe, a Christian boarding school for troubled teens in the Dominican Republic. However, when she captures institutional abuses on camera, she was compelled to take action. As a filmmaker, she got involved in the personal struggle of David, a 17-year-old gay teen whose parents sent him to Escuela Caribe to “fix” him. Logan carries messages from the gay teen in the hopes of rescuing David and exposing his (and others’) suffering and helplessness at the school.