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  • 'Bears of Beirut' :: New Documentary Looks for Help

    "The Bears of Beirut" -- a new documentary about two Lebanese gay men doing their best to help other gay people streaming in from Syria's brutal war -- is looking for your help. The public can donate to the film's production via a campaign on and receive a multitude of perks in return.

  • Campaign of Hate - Russia and Gay Propaganda

    Michael Lucas has never shied from controversy. Whether as the preeminent gay-­?porn auteur of his generation or as an independent-­?minded social commentator and op-­ed columnist, Lucas has built a career out of breaking taboos.

  • Documentary Explores Life and Times of ‘Divine’

    There's never been anyone quite like Harris Glenn Milstead.

  • Documentary Puts LGBT Face on Immigration Debate

    Jose Antonio Vargas was living the American dream. A young Filipino-American, Vargas had won the Pulitzer Prize for journalism and worked for some of the largest news outlets in country. There was just one problem. Vargas is an undocumented immigrant.

  • Documentary Showcases Gay Rodeo While Dispelling Myths and Stereotypes

    A new documentary from straight filmmaker Matt Livadary chronicles his year on the gay rodeo circuit.

    South Florida audiences will be among the first to view a new documentary about the gay rodeo lifestyle, “Queens and Cowboys: A Straight Year on the Gay Rodeo Circuit.”

  • Gay Filmmaker Triumphs Over ALS, Releases Documentary About Dicks

    For weeks, tens of thousands of people have accepted the ALS Bucket Challenge, posting videos on social media of themselves being doused with buckets of ice water to raise funds to fight the affliction more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

  • Gay Man Documents Journey of LGBT Refugees Fleeing Iran For Turkey

    New York filmmaker Rick Flynn addresses and exposes the daunting realities that exist for LGBT abroad in his debut feature documentary “Golf Alpha Yankee.”

  • Interview With Executve Producer: "Kidnapped For Christ"

    Kate Logan’s investigative documentary, “Kidnapped for Christ,”which aired July 10 on Showtime, was originally meant to be an evenhanded examination of Escuela Caribe, a Christian boarding school for troubled teens in the Dominican Republic. However, when she captures institutional abuses on camera, she was compelled to take action. As a filmmaker, she got involved in the personal struggle of David, a 17-year-old gay teen whose parents sent him to Escuela Caribe to “fix” him. Logan carries messages from the gay teen in the hopes of rescuing David and exposing his (and others’) suffering and helplessness at the school.

  • JUST GENDER Launches Nationwide Screening Series

    (SFGN) JUST GENDER, a new documentary directed by George Zuber and narrated by Emmy award-winning Bebe Neuwirth, will screen across the country in a series of special screenings benefitting local transgender and LGBT organizations, in conjunction with LGBT Pride Month in June.

  • Local Couple Basis Of ‘Ruth and Connie’ Documentary

    On Tuesday, June 11, and Wednesday, June 12, the Donald M. Ephraim Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival presented the updated version of the 2001 documentary “Ruthie and Connie Every Room in the House.”

  • New Documentary Chronicles Gay Civil Rights Movement in South Florida

    A decade after the Stonewall riots and a generation before marriage equality began to take hold in Massachusetts, the epicenter of the gay civil rights movement was right here in South Florida.

  • Prop 8 Doc to Premier June 23 on HBO

    There are many tales being told in “The Case Against 8,” Ben Cotner and Ryan White's riveting new documentary about one of the lawsuits which changed the course of LGBT history by opening the marriage equality floodgates.

  • Uganda Doc Shows American Evangelists Stirring up Hate in African Country

    Towards the end of “God Loves Uganda,” Roger Russ Williams' disturbing but important new documentary feature, Ugandan LGBT activist David Kato speaks of how American Christian missionaries came to his country to stir up anti-gay feelings without stopping to think about the consequences of these actions.