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  • Bisexual Men Most at Risk for HIV and STDs, Says CDC

    A new study now reveals that bisexual men are most at risk from HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Column: Important ‘Bi-cons’ of the 60s and 70s

    A new LGBT history Mmuseum exhibit, “Biconic Flashpoints: 4 Decades of Bay Area Bisexual Politics,” opening in San Francisco, explores some of the important points of bisexual history from the last 40 years. In honor of this amazing exhibit, here are some more major moments in bisexual history.

  • Introducing ‘By the Bi’ SFGN’s New Column Focused on Bisexual Community

    Bisexual Health Month has me heated up! This March, I’m using #BiHealthMonth as a prod to get me exercising again. Like many bisexual women, I’m also clinically obese, but in the most delightfully curvy way (or so my husband says every time he gets into bed). In 2007, while working for Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, I decided I’d had enough of a size 28 life and embarked on a personal self-challenge to bring myself down from over 400 pounds.

  • March Named Bisexual Health Awareness Month

    The Bisexual Resource Center is going to use Facebook and Twitter to tell you what you need to know about bisexuality and its unique place in the world of sexual health.

  • Op-Ed: On the word Bisexual

    As a little black bisexual kid, I constantly learned about how I wasn’t supposed to belong. For every sector of my identity, I collected “names” and muttered them under my breath like a Stark daughter ready to avenge.

  • The Basics of Biphobia in the Media

    Biphobia, or prejudice and/or fear of bisexuals, in the media can often be subtle in its complexity and stunning in breadth. Whether it's explicit and easily recognized or indirect and implicit, biphobia can appear anywhere and everywhere — from magazines to television, film, news, or the web. Here are recent examples of how media can be disaffirming, unwelcoming, and in some cases outright harmful to bisexual people: