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  • Grindr Celebrates 5 Years

    Grindr, the most popular gay dating/hook up mobile phone app, celebrates five years this week.

  • Op-Ed: On Grindr — Closeted Discrimination Within the Gay Community

    When I began to consider the possibility of coming out as a gay male, I imagined the announcement would trigger a series of predictable phases. First, there would be a bit of a shock. A handful of friends would be surprised. Some would say they knew all along. Some would simply congratulate me. Then, there would be the embrace. I would be welcomed into the gay community, a world full of rainbows and hugs and all that jazz.

  • Op-Ed: Why Grindr Mattered

    The body of Ryan Uhre, a gay grad student from FSU, was found Tuesday morning on a rooftop near the campus. The worst fears are now a grim reality. A young man has been lost, and a promising life has been snuffed out.