Bisexual Issue

  • 6 Bi Musicians You Can Hear On The Radio Right Now

    Pop singer Aaron Carter was one song into his nostalgic set at the LGBTQ nightclub Hamburger Mary’s when he made a bold statement. 

  • Bisexual Activist to Bring Her Workshops Back to South Florida

    As a young woman, Robyn Ochs went through a period of her life trying to find her sexual identity without much of the help that people today can seek out.

  • Bisexuals at Higher Risk for STIs

    Being attracted to both men and women doesn't necessarily mean that a person will have more sexual partners. But bisexual individuals, especially males, are facing higher risk for sexually transmitted disease than in the past.

  • Column: Being Trans and Bi

    Coming out is different for everyone.

  • Coming Out Introduced Pro Wrestler to Bisexual Stigma

    When Pro Wrestler Anthony Bowens came out as bisexual last spring, he expected the negative feedback around his sexual orientation. What he didn’t expect was having to defend the validity of it altogether.

  • Hollywood's Bisexual Closet: Film Historian Boze Hadleigh Tells Stories of Bisexual Stars

    A small crowd of around a dozen people gathered at the GLBT History Museum in San Francisco's primarily gay Castro district last month for Hollywood's Bisexual Closet: Marilyn Monroe and More, a talk given by out gay Hollywood historian and author Boze Hadleigh. Hadleigh's books include Conversations With My Elders and Hollywood Lesbians.

  • SFGN's Bisexual Special Package

    Even if “Bisexual” is the third letter in LGBT, it tends to be an afterthought. After first mention, the initialism typically gets synonymized with "gay and trans communities." Bi social groups are few and far between unless lumped in with other sexual identities. In fact, bisexuals didn't even have their own themed pride parade until just this year in Tel Aviv, Israel.