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  • Eric Holder Set to Extend Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage Rights to All States

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- In an assertion of same-sex marriage rights, Attorney General Eric Holder is applying a landmark Supreme Court ruling to the Justice Department, announcing Saturday that same-sex spouses cannot be compelled to testify against each other, should be eligible to file for bankruptcy jointly and are entitled to the same rights and privileges as federal prison inmates in opposite-sex marriages.

  • Kansas House Panel Approves Gay Marriage Response

    TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — A Kansas proposal for shielding florists, bakers and others from being forced to help with same-sex weddings would let government workers discriminate against gay couples by citing personal religious beliefs, gay-rights advocates argued Thursday as legislators advanced the measure.

  • Washington to Convert Same-Sex Partners Into Marriage

    SEATTLE (AP) - Washington state plans to convert thousands of same-sex partners into married couples on June 30, if they haven't gotten married on their own or dissolved their union by then.