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  • How Russia Enforces Its Ban On Gay ‘Propaganda’

    MOSCOW — When the Sochi Winter Olympics begin Friday, many will be watching to see whether Russia will enforce its law banning gay “propaganda” to minors if athletes, fans or activists wave rainbow flags or speak out in protest.

  • Life goes on for gays in Olympic Sochi

    SOCHI, Russia (AP) _ The mascara-lined eyes of a petite man dressed in a tuxedo greet visitors after they buzz at the armor-plated door of a one-storey building.

  • UN Panel: Russia Should Annul Gay 'Propaganda' Law

    GENEVA (AP) — A U.N. committee on children’s rights urged Russia on Wednesday to repeal its law banning pro-gay ‘‘propaganda’’ that could be accessible to minors, arguing that the legislation encourages discrimination and even violence.