• Catching Up With Blue Bailey: Retired gay porn star finishes law school

    SFGN originally interviewed Blue Baily in 2014 in an article “Life After Porn: Controversial Blue Bailey Talks HIV And Barebacking.” It quickly became one of SFGN’s most read stories and remains so today. His unabashed views on bareback sex and his performance in ‘Viral Loads’ made him one of the most controversial porn stars around at that time. 

  • Forecast for a Fifth: SFGN Celebrates Four-Year Anniversary

    Our newspaper enters its fifth year, an impressive achievement in an emerging digital age.

  • Fundraiser Kicks off 10th Anniversary of Miami Beach Gay Pride

    Miami Beach Gay Pride celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The festival’s milestone kicked into high gear Friday, Jan. 26, as Pride leaders, organizers and other supporters, including volunteers and sponsors, gathered for the annual Soiree by the Sea fundraiser and kickoff event at the Miami Marriott in Miami.

  • Happy Anniversary SFGN

    Even though The Agenda was our direct competitor I am sad to see them gone. Whenever a newspaper goes out of business it’s a loss for everybody. I am very proud of being able to celebrate SFGN’s 7th anniversary.

  • Marlin Beach Tea Dance Celebrates One Year Anniversary 

    Sunday, March 17, is a milestone for Julian Cavazos as he celebrates the one-year anniversary of reviving the iconic Marlin Beach hotel, not in bricks and mortar but in spirit and nostalgia. 

  • Miami Beach Bruthaz Takes to the Seas

    In our fifth anniversary issue, SFGN highlighted our most clicked story to date, a feature about an upcoming Miami Beach Bruthaz (now called MBB) weekend, the annual gathering of gay men of color and their admirers founded by Tampa resident Ian Smith. Another three years later, that same story still remains one of our most read posts.

  • Miami Beach’s Hotel Gaythering Turns 5 

    Turning five is always a big deal, whether you’re a sweet child or a destination hotel. It’s a right of passage; a sign you’re growing up and have found your place in the world. 

  • Miami’s LGBTQ Center for Wellness Exceeds Expectations

    It’s a transgender patient’s big day, a surgery they’ve been waiting years to happen. But even with the excitement, nerves set in as they think about the money, the pain, and the recovery.

  • Mombian: Of Marriage and Parenting - Our 25th Anniversary

    My spouse Helen and I recently celebrated our 25th anniversary (though our time as legal spouses is obviously shorter). Reaching a quarter century together—just about half of my life—feels significant in a way that previous anniversaries, even milestone ones at the decade marks, have not. Here are a few reflections on the occasion.

  • My Eight Most Memorable Interviews

    I’ve been covering and arts and entertainment in South Florida for more than a decade and had the honor of writing for SFGN beginning with the very first issue eight years ago. 

  • Palace Celebrates 30 Years

    The Palace may have closed for a short while but after two months of being back up and running owner Thomas Donald said “we are back and stronger than ever.”

  • Screen Savor: Dirty Dancing Turns 30, Watermelon Woman, 20

    As unexpected hit movies go, few can compare to “Dirty Dancing”(Lionsgate), newly reissued in a 30th (!) anniversary Blu-ray+DVD+Digital HD edition. The film’s novel subject matter, cast of relative newcomers, vintage soundtrack, uplifting theme song and groundbreaking choreography, Patrick Swayze’s body and Jennifer Grey’s original nose, all combined to make it a success.