• Column: Don't Let Hate Crimes Persist in America

    (CNN) -- Hate is alive and well in America. There are 784 hate groups nationwide, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, and they are active in every state. When these groups commit hate crimes, they don't just terrorize individuals, they terrorize entire communities and can spark national outrage and unrest.

  • Column: Florida Man #1 - George Zimmerman

    Florida Man is an Internet meme that links news stories about unusual or strange stories out of Florida, particularly those where the subject is referred to as “Florida Man.” Featured on Twitter (@_FloridaMan), Reddit ( and Tumblr (, Florida Man showcases the crimes, follies and misfortunes of the Sunshine State’s most unique characters.

  • Column: Lost In Time

    It’s always been encouraging to me that young trans and gender variant people continue to push the boundaries of gender identification and presentation in ways that those of us who are well into our middle-agedness could never have imagined when we were that young. 

  • Column: Separate But Equal - Florida’s “Bathroom Bill” Is Transphobia At Its Worst

    HB583. Heard of it recently? If not it’s known as Florida's “Bathroom Bill” — a full-fledged assault on the transgender community. According to the law, it would make it a crime if a person is "intentionally and voluntarily entering a single-sex facility for a different designated sex."

  • Column: Taking the T out of LGBT

    It has taken time, but now the public has more appreciation for what the T in LGBT stands for. They may still have some way to go in understanding what it actually means to be transgender, however considerable progress has been made.

  • Column: The Nightmare is Real

    Admit it. Like me, you never really believed it was possible, America would come to its senses sooner or later and do the right thing once it was actually time to vote.

  • Column: The Real Role of Allies

    If you've spent much time online, you've likely encountered the Activists Who Complain A Lot crowd. Generally well-intentioned, they not only critique a system of oppression, they also spend a large amount of time criticizing the people who are trying to tear that system down. You can find members of the AWCAL in any social justice movement, but LGBT people have turned the technique into an art form.

  • Column: Two Times Zero Is Still Zero

    Have you seen the new trans-positive ad that’s going to run on FOX the final night of the Republican National Convention? It’s a really terrific piece of advertising…that is, if you’re someone who’s neutral or supportive of transgender rights.

  • Commission: 'No Compelling Medical Reason' For US Military Transgender Ban

    An independent commission led by a former US surgeon general has concluded there “is no compelling medical reason” for the US armed forces to prohibit transgender Americans from serving and that President Barack Obama could lift the decades-old ban without approval from Congress, according to a report being released Thursday.

  • Commissioners Continue to Struggle Over Trans Inclusive Healthcare

    A Wilton Manors Commission resolution advocating that federal and state governments require health insurance plans cover transgender-related was supported but highlighted previous criticism over the commission’s failure to approve transgender benefits for city employees.

  • Compass Leads the Way With Gender Neutral Bathrooms

    Male or female bathroom? For most that isn’t a big decision but for transgender people it can be an uncomfortable, overwhelming and even scary one.

  • Complaints But No Fines Under Seattle's Gender Restroom Law

    (AP) The city of Seattle has received over 70 reports of businesses not complying with its new all-gender restroom ordinance since officials began enforcing it in March.

  • Congressman Tweets He Has a Transgender Grandchild

    Democratic congressman Mike Honda says on his Twitter account he has a transgender grandchild, an announcement that comes amid a national conversation about people who struggle with gender identity.

  • Connecticut City: No Bias Against Transgender Cop

    An investigation by a Connecticut city has found no evidence that a transgender police officer was subject to discrimination or a hostile work environment.

  • Court Rejects Taxpayer-Funded Sex Change For Murderer

    BOSTON (AP) — A divided federal appeals court on Tuesday overturned a ruling ordering Massachusetts prison officials to provide taxpayer-funded sex-reassignment surgery for an inmate convicted of murder.

  • Court Sides With Transgender Widow in Fight Over Estate

    WHARTON, Texas (AP) — A state appeals court has reaffirmed its earlier decision to validate the marriage of a transgender widow seeking the estate of her firefighter husband who died battling a blaze.

  • Court: Transgender Asylum Seekers Cant' Be Equated with Gays

    SAN FRANCISCO -- Transgender people can be especially vulnerable to harassment and attacks and shouldn't be equated with gays and lesbians by U.S. immigration officials determining whether to grant asylum, a federal appeals court said Thursday.

  • Court: Transgender Man Can Keep Pursuing Divorce

    PHOENIX (AP) — A transgender man in Arizona who gave birth to three children after beginning to change from female to male can continue to pursue a divorce, a state appeals court said Wednesday in reversing a judge who refused to end the marriage.

  • Courts Leave Transgender Rules in Limbo as School Begins

    (CNN) Students returning to school this fall are likely to face some confusion as school boards struggle with the issue of access to bathrooms for transgender individuals.

  • Cruz: Maybe Alleged Clinic Shooter is 'Transgendered Leftist'

    (CNN) -- Ted Cruz is condemning the deadly shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic, but is refusing to blame the attack on the anti-abortion rhetoric that has consumed stretches of the Republican primary campaign.