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  • 5 Things To Know About Transgender People

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ President Barack Obama has quietly done more to advance rights for transgender people than any other president, but they remain among the nation's most misunderstood minorities. Here are five things to know about transgender America:

  • Against Me! Singer on Transition, New Album

    Laura Jane Grace, who came out as transgender two years ago, says she’s able to sing in a new, liberated voice on her band’s latest album because she’s no longer hiding.

  • Alleged Murderer Found Competent

    It has been one year since transgender woman Diamond Williams was brutally murdered — but, unlike several unsolved homicides of local transgender women, Williams’ alleged killer is in custody.

  • Attorney: Manning Not Receiving Hormone Therapy

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Convicted national security leaker Chelsea Manning isn't receiving medical treatment for her gender identity condition as previously approved by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, the American Civil Liberties Union and Manning's attorney said Tuesday.

  • Austin Lingerie Store Asks for Transwoman’s ID Before Service

    An Austin, Texas lingerie store is coming under fire today after being accused of humiliating and discriminating against a transgender customer. Towleroad reports that transwoman Kylie Jack was shopping at Petticoat Fair when an employee asked for proof of gender before offering service.

  • Baltimore Police Investigate Murder of Transgender Woman

    Police in Baltimore, Maryland, discovered the body of Kandy Hall, a transgender woman last Tuesday morning, the Baltimore Sun reports.

  • Bradley Edward Manning Now Legally Chelsea Elizabeth Manning

    A Kansas judge granted a request Wednesday to formally change the name of the soldier convicted of leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks from Bradley Edward Manning to Chelsea Elizabeth Manning.

  • Canadian Trans Boy Given New Birth Certificate

    After a groundbreaking ruling, a 12-year-old boy from Alberta, Canada, received a new birth certificate Sunday that identifies him as male, the Canadian Press reports.

  • Christie Vetoes Trans Bill

    Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a bill this week that would have eased the process by which transgender individuals can change the gender markers on their birth certificates.

  • City of Orlando To Issue Transgender Day of Visibility Proclamation

    Orlando – For the first time ever, the city of Orlando is issuing a proclamation in recognition of the International Transgender Day of Visibility – a day to celebrate and raise awareness about the transgender community.

  • City of Philadelphia Defends Treatment Of Trans Worker

    Transgender Flag

    City attorneys last week filed a lengthy brief denying any wrongdoing in the case of Bobbie E. Burnett, a transgender city employee who alleges pervasive workplace bias.

  • Column: Bad Policing

    In 1998, less than a year after I’d begun living fulltime as a woman, I owned an old car which developed a very small leak in the gas tank. The spot of gas the leak left on the ground was tiny, but it was enough to smell it if you came within a dozen yards or so of where it was parked on the street.

  • Commission: 'No Compelling Medical Reason' For US Military Transgender Ban

    An independent commission led by a former US surgeon general has concluded there “is no compelling medical reason” for the US armed forces to prohibit transgender Americans from serving and that President Barack Obama could lift the decades-old ban without approval from Congress, according to a report being released Thursday.

  • Compass Leads the Way With Gender Neutral Bathrooms

    Male or female bathroom? For most that isn’t a big decision but for transgender people it can be an uncomfortable, overwhelming and even scary one.

  • Connecticut City: No Bias Against Transgender Cop

    An investigation by a Connecticut city has found no evidence that a transgender police officer was subject to discrimination or a hostile work environment.

  • Court: Transgender Man Can Keep Pursuing Divorce

    PHOENIX (AP) — A transgender man in Arizona who gave birth to three children after beginning to change from female to male can continue to pursue a divorce, a state appeals court said Wednesday in reversing a judge who refused to end the marriage.

  • Cuomo: Outlaw Transgender Discrimination

    Albany, N.Y. (AP) -- New York's governor says transgender people should be protected from discrimination and says that if elected to a second term he'll push to include gender identity and expression in the state's civil rights law.

  • DOJ Trains Cops to Help Transgender Crime Victims

    The Justice Department launched a program Thursday to train local police departments to better respond to transgender individuals, a population authorities say is disproportionately harmed by violence.

  • Excluded from Time’s Top 100, Laverne Cox Gets Cover Instead

    After being excluded from Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People issue in April, transgender actor and activist Laverne Cox found herself on the cover of this month’s magazine instead.

  • Facebook Adding New Gender Options For Users

    MENLO PARK, Calif. (AP) — You don't have to be just male or female on Facebook anymore. The social media giant is adding a customizable option with about 50 different terms people can use to identify their gender as well as three preferred pronoun choices: him, her or them.