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  • 48 Hours in Key West: The perfect two-day getaway for South Floridians

    Editor's Note: Key West will re-open to visitors on Sunday, Oct. 1 and they need your support.


    Only a 3-hour drive from Miami surrounded by clear turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean on the left and the Gulf of Mexico on the right (or faster still by plane), Key West is just as much the gay destination as it’s ever been.

  • Behind the Scenes: Trans Director Launches New Theater Company in Wilton Manors

    Daimien J. Matherson, a local trans man, has big plans for Measure for Measure Theatre, a new company making its debut this fall. 

  • Evil in Russia: Gays are being systematically eradicated from the republic of Chechnya

    Who is Ramzan Kadyrov? Where is Elena Milashina? Why was Murad Amirev detained? What caused the targeting of gay and bisexual men in Chechnya? And how can this torture train be stopped?

  • Five Places You Must Try

    South Florida is a foodie’s paradise. So why do you keep going to the same restaurants time and time again? While we all have our favorites, you owe it to yourself to break up the routine and try something new. I suggest you start with these five places, each extraordinary in its own way. I’ve included places throughout the Dade-Broward-Palm Beach areas because a good meal is often worth the trip.

  • I Ate My Way Across San Juan: Culinary Adventures in Puerto Rico’s Capital

    San Juan is a city of contrasts: 500-year-old brick casas sit next to gleaming glass-and-steel hotels. Caribe Indian, Spanish and African cultures compete and combine in every conceivable way. Busy highways divide affluent and struggling neighborhoods. An U.S. commonwealth, its residents are Americans, but more proudly Puerto Rican.

  • Isn’t That Special! Where to celebrate on that special day

    Let’s face it, our community will turn anything into a celebration and a reason to go out to wine and dine. You got a new job? Let’s go out for dinner! You quit your job? Let’s go out for dinner! While cocktails may be in the forecast later in the evening, celebrating any special occasion seems to call for getting together for dinner at a fancy (read expensive) restaurant. Here are a few places that, while they will run you a few bucks (more than $25 a person, for dinner and a drink) are perfect for celebrating that special event.

  • Jesse's Journal: Dr. George Weinberg - Society and the Healthy Psychotherapist

    When “Society and the Healthy Homosexual,” Dr. George Weinberg’s most famous book, was published in 1972, the consensus was that LGBT people were mentally ill. 

  • LGBT San Francisco: The Daniel Nicoletta photographs

    In 1974, barely out of his teens, Daniel Nicoletta moved to San Francisco, where he got a job in Castro Camera, Harvey Milk's camera shop. Almost immediately the young man began photographing his community – and he's still taking photos over forty years later.

  • Mirror Destination: Seattle, Washington

    Go West! Northwest, to be exact.

  • Mirror Destination: Washington, D.C.

    The nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., awaits—just a quick two-hour flight to the north. Join the masses this summer for the LGBT March on Washington in June, and while you’re there, enjoy world-class dining, fascinating museums and pageantry, too.

  • Mirror DIY: Go with the Float!

    The spa business is competitive—especially in appearance conscious South Florida. Now, we’re not saying that people here are shallow, but spa owners are constantly looking for the hot new treatment to keep customers coming in, especially during the slow summer months.

  • Mirror Downloads: Books, Music & Video

  • Mirror Eats: Mango Madness

    Like most resorts along South Florida’s beaches, the Forbes Five-Star Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa offers all the usual amenities upscale travelers expect—fine dining, exotic spa services, luxurious rooms designed by Jonathan Adler. But, for the serious foodie, Eau Palm Beach offers this customized experience:

  • Mirror: Booty and the Beach - Swimwear to Accentuate Your Assets

    Step onto any gay beach – from Miami’s Haulover to Asbury Park’s 5th Ave. to Will Rogers Beach in Los Angeles – and you’ll bear witness to a veritable catwalk of loosey-goosey board shorts, fitted trunks, and skintight Speedo-like swimwear.

  • Mirror: Dance Couples

    We’ve all been warned about the complexities of office romances. When love is in the air, Monday mornings may seem a little brighter, long days can pass just a little more quickly. But the pressure to perform can also stress relationships — literally.

  • Mirror: Fall Arts Preview 2017

  • Mirror: Lambda Literary Raises Queer Voices from Coast to Coast

  • Mirror: Retirement Equality


    That’s how much a forensic accountant told Carol Wartenberg and Laura Hohnecker that they are missing out on in retirement savings because, essentially, they are gay.

  • Mirror: The Match Game - A Simple Guide to Pairing Food and Wine

    There are those who are intimidated by the idea of pairing food and wine. They’ve been intimidated by those wine snobs who make a big production about smelling the cork, swishing the wine in their mouth and practically gargling at the table. The whole point of pairing food and wine is finding food and drink that complement each other. It is a little more complicated than “white with fish, red with meat”, but not so much that you need to feel intimidated. These are not so much rules, but guidelines, to help you get the most out of your meal.

  • OpEd: Stay Healthy and High

    Welcome to the Mirror's Food and Wine Issue, the last one before the menu changes for every fine restaurant in Florida.