• Jesse's Journal: LGBT Heroes: Cleve Jones and Barbara Grier

    This week SFGN recognizes our community’s “Out 50.” However, even as we honor today’s LGBT heroes, we should also look back and remember those individuals who made our community what it is today. Unlike today, when leading an LGBT community organization is often a profession, the heroes of the 1960s and 1970s were volunteer leaders of a movement. And while being out is now a given, the individuals of the sixties and seventies were openly lesbian or gay, bisexual or transgender, at a time when most of us were still in our closets. What would our community be without the likes of Harry Hay, Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, Frank Kameny, Barbara Gittings, Jack Nichols or Harvey Milk? Even in South Florida we owe much to the likes of Frank Arango, Staci Aker, Bob Basker, Edda Cimino, Rev. Joseph Gilbert, Jay Freier and Tom Bradshaw. Milk is still remembered, thanks to the movie of the same name and his nephews work. How will we remember the others?

  • Op-Ed: A Death In Afghanistan Wakes Up Democracy In America

    An American hero died last week in Afghanistan. You never met him. You never heard of him. You probably have never, ever been to the place he was raised, or where he grew up.