• Polish Church Suspends Priest Who is Gay and Has Boyfriend

    WARSAW, Poland (AP) — A Polish priest who lost his job at the Vatican earlier this month after revealing that he is gay and has a boyfriend was indefinitely suspended Wednesday by the church in Poland from performing the functions of a priest.

  • Pope Francis: Church Could Support Civil Unions

    (CNN) -- Pope Francis reaffirmed the Catholic Church's opposition to gay marriage on Wednesday, but suggested in a newspaper interview that it could support same-sex civil unions.

  • Pope Gives His Take on Divisive Family Meeting

    Pope Francis says bishops spoke their minds, and may have even fought among themselves during a divisive church meeting on family issues. But he says no one questioned church teaching on marriage.

  • Pope in Blistering Critique of Vatican Bureaucrats

    Pope Francis issued a blistering critique Monday of the Vatican bureaucracy that serves him, denouncing how some people lust for power at all costs, live hypocritical double lives and suffer from "spiritual Alzheimer's" that has made them forget they're supposed to be joyful men of God.

  • Pope Pressured To Act On Abuse After UN Rebuke

    VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis came under new pressure Wednesday to punish bishops who covered up for pedophile priests when a U.N. human rights panel accused the Vatican of systematically protecting its reputation instead of looking out for the safety of children.

  • Pope Reinforces "Traditional" Family Values


    VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis is seeking to reassure the church's right-wing base that he's not a renegade bent on changing church doctrine on family issues — weeks after a Vatican meeting of bishops initially proposed a radical welcome for gays and divorced Catholics.

  • Pope Strongly Defends Church Teaching Against Contraception, Gay Marriage

    Pope Francis issued his strongest defense yet of church teaching opposing artificial contraception on Friday, using a rally in Asia's largest Catholic nation to urge families to be "sanctuaries of respect for life."

  • Pope: Catholics Don't Have to Breed Like Rabbits

    ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE -- Pope Francis is firmly upholding church teaching banning contraception, but said Monday that Catholics don't have to breed "like rabbits" and should instead practice "responsible parenting."

  • Pope: Keep Door Open to Divorced Catholics Who Remarry

    Pope Francis declared on Wednesday that divorced Catholics who remarry, as well as their children, deserve better treatment from the church, warning pastors against treating these couples as if they were excommunicated.

  • Priest Says Diocese Punished Him for Reporting Sex Offender

    A day after a local priest accused the Palm Beach Diocese of kicking him out for reporting sexual misconduct, church officials fired back and called the priest a liar.

  • Roger Stone’s Expose Book on Hillary Clinton Released

    Roger Stone, a seasoned political operative and pundit, and veteran of nine national presidential campaigns, has released his long awaited book on the Clintons. Stone, who most recently served as an advisor to Donald Trump, gained national notoriety for being the ‘dirty trickster’ behind the Richard Nixon presidency.

  • Sen. Durbin Asks Pope Francis to Defend Gay US Official

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A Democratic senator is calling on Pope Francis to personally intervene with a cardinal in the Dominican Republic who has made derogatory comments about the openly gay man who is the U.S. ambassador to that country.

  • Sex Abuse Files On 30 Chicago Priests Going Public

    CHICAGO - Thousands of pages of documents showing how the Archdiocese of Chicago handled the sexual abuse of children by priests will be made public Tuesday, providing the broadest look yet into the details of what the archdiocese knew and did - or didn’t do - about the scandal.

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  • St. Louis Archdiocese Condemns Gay Marriage Move

    ST. LOUIS (AP) — The Archdiocese of St. Louis is condemning a city move challenging Missouri's constitutional ban on gay marriage by issuing same-sex marriage licenses to four couples.

  • U.S. Catholic Bishops Hope To Calm Anxiety Over Pope Francis

    BALTIMORE (AP) — America's Catholic bishops came together Monday to project an image of unity, after a Vatican meeting on the family unleashed an uproar over the direction of the church.

  • Under Conservative Assault, Vatican Backtracks On Gay Comments

    ROME (CNN) -- Under furious assault from conservative Catholics, the Vatican backtracked Tuesday on its surprisingly positive assessment of gays and same-sex relationships.

  • US Catholic Bishops Focused on Marriage, Religious Liberty

    BALTIMORE — U.S. Roman Catholic bishops, at their first assembly since gay marriage became legal nationwide, vowed Monday to uphold marriage as only the union of a man and a woman and to seek legal protections for those who share that view.

  • Vatican Mystery: Where Did Gay Welcome Originate?

    It's one of the great mysteries of the meeting on family life taking place behind closed doors at the Vatican this week: Just where did the authors of a draft report come up with such ground-breaking language that gays had gifts to offer the church and that even homosexual partnerships had merit?

  • Vatican Says Ex-Envoy, Charged With Sexual Abuse, Has Died

    The Vatican's former ambassador to the Dominican Republic, who had been charged by church prosecutors with sexually abusing children in the Caribbean country, died Friday of apparent natural causes as he awaited trial, the Vatican said.