• Russia Enacts Anti-Gay Adoption Ban

    (CNN) -- Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree banning foreign same-sex couples -- as well as singles from countries where same-sex marriages are legal -- from adopting Russian children.

  • Sailed the High Seas to See You!

    Beautiful Kayra (ID 573702) is a 4-year-old, 32-pound spaniel mix that also came from Puerto Rico in hopes of finding a family to love here in South Florida.  With her wispy coat and curious personality, she will do well in a home where she can be showered with love and lots of toys.  Can Kayra be part of your family?

  • Same-Sex Oklahoma Couple Among First to Get Adoption Decree

    TULSA, Okla. - An adoption decree granted to a married lesbian couple in Okmulgee County is believed to be among the first same-sex adoptions in Oklahoma, the women's attorney says.

  • School Split Over Transgender Student Using Girls Bathroom

    HILLSBORO, Mo. (AP) _ An effort by a transgender student to use the girls bathroom is splitting Hillsboro High School, with some of her peers walking out in protest and others holding a counter demonstration to show their support.

  • SCOTUS: Kentucky Clerk Must Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Supreme Court on Monday night denied an emergency application from a Kentucky clerk who has been refusing to issue marriage licenses because of her religious objections to same-sex marriage.

  • Singaporean Doctor Denied Option to Adopt His Child

    A Singapore court has denied a gay doctor permission to adopt his child, stating that the surrogacy arrangements he made in the U.S. conflict with the laws held in the country.

  • So MUCH To Give!

    Poor Oliver (ID 405640) feels like his world has been turned upside down.  Can you help make it better?  He had a wonderful home his entire life and then someone became allergic to him and now he sits at the shelter all alone.  At 6 years young, and 62 pounds, Oliver has a lot of energy for his age.  He enjoys going to the dog park and he loves to be with people of all ages.  Oliver knows basic commands and gets along with other pets.  The only thing missing in his life is a family to love…will it be you?

  • South Florida AIDS Network - August and September Wrap Ups

    September Report from the South Florida AIDS Network (SFAN)

  • Stronger than Prairie Wind


    Sadly Dakota (ID 574004), a beautiful 13-year-old feline was also given up because her family moved away. She is a petite gal, weighing just 8 pounds, and she is hopeful someone with a big heart will give her a home where she can spend her golden years. Dakota gets along with other mellow felines and older kids. Her adoption fee has been sponsored thanks to a generous cat lover…she just needs a family to love. Can you make her wish come true?

  • Supreme Court Blocks Alabama Court Order in Adoption Case

    WASHINGTON (AP) - The Supreme Court has sided with a lesbian mother who wants to see her adopted children, blocking an Alabama court's order that declared the adoption invalid.

  • Tech Giants Apple, Google Oppose Kansas Adoption Bill

    (AP) Tech giants Google and Apple oppose adoption legislation in Kansas that many in the LGBTQ community consider discriminatory.

  • The Big Story: The Fight for Family

  • The Bun for You

    Bun-Buns (ID 569478) wants to hop into your heart and home.  This adorable female rabbit came to the shelter as a stray, so we don’t know a lot about her.  Bun-Buns enjoys a healthy diet of fresh greens, so if you have a garden or want to share your salad, she could be the perfect addition to your home.  She is just one of several rabbits looking to be adopted this week.

  • The Golden Heart

    Sweet Kassy (ID 571274) is looking for a family with a big heart, who will let her spend her golden years with them…could it be you?  At 11 years young, she is very social and gets along with other cats and dogs.  Kassy is missing her right front leg, but it doesn’t slow her down at all.  This gal is petite and only weighs 6 ½ pounds.  She hopes you will stop by and meet her and give her the loving home she deserves.

  • The Pizza Girls: 20 Years Later and Still Growing

    Over the last 16 years, Pizza Girls, on Clematis Street has been voted a Palm Beach County favorite by readers of New Times, Ocean Drive, and SFGN.

  • US Marine Admits Choking Transgender Filipino, Denies Murder

    A U.S. Marine charged with murder has testified in court that he choked a Filipino unconscious during a fight that started when he discovered that she was a transgender woman in a Philippine motel.

  • Utah Governor ‘Puzzled’ by Order to Take Baby From Gay Couple

    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Utah judge who ordered a baby to be taken from her lesbian foster parents and placed with a heterosexual couple for the child’s well-being should follow the law and not inject his personal beliefs into the decision, the state’s Republican governor said Thursday.

  • Utah Intervenes To Halt Same-Sex Adoptions

    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — The Utah Attorney General is asking a state appeals court to block two adoptions recently approved for same-sex couples.

  • Utah Tells Judges to Reject Adoption Petitions Filed By Same-Sex Couples

    Salt Lake City (KSTU) -- The Utah Attorney General's Office has told judges to either halt or reject adoption petitions filed by same-sex couples while it appeals a federal court's ruling that overturned Amendment 3, FOX 13 News has learned.

  • With Clerk Jailed, Gay Kentucky Couple Gets Marriage License

    MOREHEAD, Ky. (AP) — A gay couple emerged from a Kentucky county clerk's office with a marriage license in hand Friday morning, embracing and crying as the defiant clerk who runs the office remained jailed for her refusal to issue the licenses because she opposed same-sex marriage.