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  • 'The Case Against 8' Prompted By Gay Marriage Attorneys At Sundance

    PARK CITY, Utah (AP) — Attorneys Ted Olson and David Boies once argued the Bush v. Gore case in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, but they say fighting California's law prohibiting same-sex marriage is the most significant thing they've done.

  • A Look at ‘Looking,’ HBO’s New Gay Drama

    As HBO's Looking begins, Patrick (Jonathan Groff) is looking for love in the wrong place — the bushes at his local park. He tries to kiss the guy who approaches him, and asks for his trick's name. "Stop talking!" is the response.

  • HBO Holds Reception for Gay Couples Wed in Utah

    PARK CITY, Utah (AP) _ Though they are not considered legally married in Utah, several gay and lesbian couples were feted with a wedding celebration as part of HBO's promotion of its upcoming documentary on gay marriage, ``The Case Against 8.''

  • Lesbian Artist Mickalene Thomas' Tribute to Her Mom

    On Feb. 24, HBO Documentary Films premiered, “Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Woman: A Portrait of My Mother,”Mickalene Thomas' short, sweet tribute to her late mom.