• 2016 Staff Holiday Shopping Guide

    It’s already that time of year again, which means it’s time to go shopping for our friends and family. Each year the staff of South Florida Gay News likes to help make your life easier by providing you with fun and exciting gifts that anyone in your life would enjoy. No matter if you have a techie in your life or someone who likes health and beauty, we have something just for you to save you time on your shopping list this year. So, without further ado, we present you with our holiday shopping list.

  • A Day In LGBT South Florida

    A Day In LGBT South Florida

    SFGN Staff

    On November 24, 2018 SFGN assigned its photographers to capture one day in the life of South Florida’s LGBT community. We also asked our readers to submit their own photos.

    Too often in the news we read about the famous, the politicians, or the celebrities. Rarely do we hear about the people that actually make up the LGBT community – from the bartenders, waiters and hairdressers to the retirees and drag queens.

    That’s why this issue celebrates the lives of the everyday LGBT person. These photos are a reminder that the LGBT community is numerous and diverse. We like to play softball, walk our dogs, raise funds for charities, shop, work, eat and play.

    These photos show the normality of being LGBT. We are the same. All of us. We do the same thing. We live and enjoy the same lives as our straight counterparts.

    We all have more in common than we do apart. We are a part of each other.





    Special Thanks to the Photographers:

    J.R. Davis

    Charlie Fredrickson

    Steven Shires

    Larry Blackburn

    Nicholas Adkins

    ... And all of you!

  • Albright Joins SFGN Sales Team

    Jim Albright, an experienced advertising sales associate, has joined the staff at the SFGN. Albright, a native of Ohio, brings many years of expertise to the position.

  • Bomb Squad Investigates 'Suspicious Package' Near SFGN Newsstand

    A suspicious package was found on the sidewalk next to one of our newsstands — filled with our elections issue — on Las Olas Blvd this afternoon. 

  • Drama On The High Seas Tops The List of SFGN Stories From 2015

    A gay cruise in reverse, a Miami nightclub skipping out on paying its workers and a publisher’s blistering open letter to the owners of a piano bar. These stories top the list of heavy hitters, in terms of website traffic, in 2015 on SFGN.com

  • Election Viewing Guide

    Are you dreading election night? Have you heard that Republicans will likely keep the Senate majority and that Democrats may not take the House after all?

  • Forecast for a Fifth: SFGN Celebrates Four-Year Anniversary

    Our newspaper enters its fifth year, an impressive achievement in an emerging digital age.

  • Happy Anniversary SFGN

    Even though The Agenda was our direct competitor I am sad to see them gone. Whenever a newspaper goes out of business it’s a loss for everybody. I am very proud of being able to celebrate SFGN’s 7th anniversary.

  • Letter to the Editor: Why Does SFGN Hate America

    Your [Norm Kent’s] latest editorial “The Tabula Rasa of a New Year” suggest that we clean slate for the New Year and ends with listing many of the old ills of America.  Which is it? 

  • McNaught: The Way We Were

    Brian McNaught launches new column for SFGN.Two guys and a dog started for us in 1976, when I drove from Detroit, with my Irish Setter, Jeremy, and met my husband, Ray, in Boston. I was 28, he was 25, Jeremy was 2. I’m now nearly 71, Ray will be 68 on his next birthday, and our Labradoodle, Lincoln, will be 2 on New Year’s Day.

  • Meet the SFGN Sales Team

    Introducing you to the SFGN sales team, here to serve your company’s business and promotional needs.

  • Mirror: Explore The Unexpected Unconventional Museums

    Head to Wikipedia and you’ll find this definition for “museum:” A museum is an institution that cares for a collection of artifacts and other objects of artistic, cultural, historical or scientific importance.

  • OpEd: A 2018 Open Letter to Our SFGN Readers

    South Florida has become the heartbeat and soul of a proud queer community.

  • Peter Thiel: SFGN’s Person of the Year for 2016

    Each year, since its inception, SFGN has chosen one national figure as its ‘Person of the Year.’ Whether it was the Pope, or Tim Cook, the choices have not been easy.

  • Pompano Bill:Update

    Dozens of readers have contacted us concerning the whereabouts of a memorial for Pompano Bill.

  • SFGN Endorses Hillary Clinton

    It was the intention of this newspaper to publish its editorial endorsement for the presidency after the second debate, but we accelerate that process today.

  • SFGN Hosting First Mixer on April 20th

    “A new way to network” is the slogan for South Florida Gay News’ first ever networking mixer, being held at the award-winning Bull Market Bar in Fort Lauderdale. 

  • SFGN Latest Print Edition

    South Florida Gay News, January 16'th, 2019, Vol. 10// issue 3

  • SFGN Wins 5 Florida Press Club Awards

    The Florida Press Club recently announced the winners to its annual Florida Press Club Excellence in Journalism Contest. SFGN took home five prizes including a first place win for best Illustration.

  • SFGN Wins 5 Florida Press Club Awards

    The Florida Press Club recently announced the winners to its annual Florida Press Club Excellence in Journalism Contest. This year SFGN won five awards including two first place wins.