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  • 9 Intriguing People of South Florida’s Arts Scene

    An erotic art museum owner and an orchestra conductor both make the list

    Each year, Barbara Walters selects some of the most intriguing people to interview for her traditional holiday special. For this year’s SFGN Winter Arts and Entertainment Guide, we borrowed a page from the veteran reporter’s playbook and selected eight equally intriguing people—both gay and straight, performing on stage and behind the scenes—from our region’s vibrant and diverse arts community to introduce to our readers.

  • Andy Amoroso - Store Owner & Politician

    Openly gay Lake Worth City Commissioner, Andy Amoroso, says he has never come out.

  • Anthony Timiraos - Bringing Home the Bacon

    Anthony Timiraos, president, CEO and co-founder of Our Fund, a foundation that encourages and nurtures philanthropy and support for the LGBT community of South Florida, says he has an exit strategy that will keep it strong even when he leaves it.

  • AP interview: Openly Gay Judge On Top South African Court Talks of Sexuality, State of Nation

    JOHANNESBURG — An openly gay judge on South Africa's Constitutional Court recently hosted a launch for his new book in the foyer of the court, a symbol-laden structure partly built with exposed brick from the apartheid-era prison that once stood on the same hilltop. At the event, another judge praised Edwin Cameron, loftily describing their workplace as a shrine to democracy but also ribbing the colleague he sees often.

  • Bishop S.F. Makalani-MaHee - Trans Activist

    Raised in a black Pentecostal home in New York, the bishop knows first hand the struggles of grappling with your sexuality and the teachings of the church. Today as a church leader and a transgender man, he teaches the LGBT community that they are loved.

  • Charlie Fredrickson - Photo Historian

    Charlie Fredrickson is a photochronicler extraordinaire, active churchman and consistent supporter of the gay community in Palm Beach County.

  • Chuck Nicholls - Putting ‘Angel’ in Tuesday’s Angels

    Chuck Nicholls was born in Chicago and moved to Washington D.C. to pursue his career. He’s a Michigan State University graduate and did his graduate studies at The University of Florida. For him, one of his career highlights was being a founding member of The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. There, he enjoyed the teamwork involved in developing safety standards for consumer products.

  • Cindy Brown - ?Leader in Business & Activism

    A native Floridian and Miami-Dade resident nearly all her life, Cindy Brown holds bachelors degrees from the University of Miami in psychology and criminology and is the current executive director of the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.  She’s also a highly accomplished executive and champion of the LGBT community.  ??

  • Craig Stevens, News Anchor - In the Spotlight

    Craig Stevens has impressive credentials.

  • Dean J. Trantalis - Out & Proud Politician

    Dean Trantalis was born and raised in Norwich, Connecticut. He graduated cum laude from Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in political science. In 1979, he completed his legal studies at the Stetson University School of Law. He took his studies aboard and studied international law in London, Eastern Europe and Russia.

  • DeGeneres’ Selfie Crashes Twitter

    Ellen DeGeneres’ goal of setting a retweet record with her star-studded selfie was achieved before the Oscars telecast was even over.

  • Deidre Newton - Real Estate Mogul

    For many, owning a business is a life in and of itself, but for Deidre Newton, owner of Huntington Trescott Properties, her work as a realtor intermingled with her activity in politics and LGBT activism makes her a catalyst for change. She’s a true worker for the people, and one who helps others achieve their goals through the use of her skills professionally and politically. ??

  • Elizabeth Schwartz - Attorney & Activist

    Attorney Elizabeth Schwartz says, “Sometimes, when I come out to friends who knew me way back when, their reaction is ‘We always knew you were a lesbian, but we never dreamed you’d become a lawyer!’”

  • Ellen Page Slams Anti-Gay Pastor

    Actress Ellen Page has been out for just a month and is apparently already receiving anti-gay messages.

  • Emilio Benitez - Protecting Our Children

    Emilio Benitez grew up in Miami and is native to Havana, Cuba. The past 27 years, Benitez has resided in Hollywood, Florida. He’s a Tulane University graduate and received his Juris Doctorate at the University of Florida.

  • Ex-Ohio Governor Takes Position At Policy Center

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Ohio's former governor will promote liberal causes in his home state and across the country as the new head of a Washington think tank's advocacy arm.

  • Fred Karger: He’s gay. He’s republican. He took on the Mormon Church. And he ran for president.

    A gay Republican -- it’s the unicorn of the political spectrum, and Fred Karger is the leader of the mystical herd.

  • Gay Actor and Animal Handler Makes Maltz Theatre Debut

    SFGN readers who get the chance to see the Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s production of the Tony Award-winning musical, Annie, which runs from Dec 3 through Dec 22, will have the good fortune to see a young gay actor named Schuyler Beeman. If his performance on stage is anywhere near his ebullience in a recent interview, Annie goers are in for an extra treat.

  • Gay in Utah: Hostility, Acceptance Part of Life

    Utah has long been known as a bastion of red-state conservatism with deep roots in the Mormon faith. It's the kind of place that has historically been unwelcoming to gay marriage.

  • George Castrataro —Attorney & Activist

    Attorney George Castrataro, in private practice since 2008, has never stopped giving large amounts of time to pro bono work and community service. He reacts strongly to cases involving victimization, predatory lending and lack of protections for LGBT couples.