Wilton Manors

  • City Suspends Posting Commission Videos Online

    Wilton Manors officials have temporarily suspended the online posting of commission meeting videos. The city clerk is still providing recordings of the meeting upon request. 

  • City to Consider Land Use Change at Oakland/Andrews

    In an effort to “spur development” and attract new businesses to the city, Wilton Manors officials plan to change the land-use of Oakland Park Boulevard and Andrews Avenue.

  • Clinton Whips Wilton Manors Crowd Into A Frenzy

    Visiting the largest concentration of LGBT Floridians on Sunday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton assured supporters she would continue to fight for equality.

  • Closed For Business: Green Market shuts down due to lack of customers

    Apparently, there isn’t always money in the banana stand.

  • Coffee and Conversation: Aging in A Difficult Political Environment

    Senior life in South Florida isn’t always fun in the sun.

  • Column: ...And They're Off...

    With only a few weeks to go before the Republican Convention in Cleveland, followed by the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, thought I would take the opportunity to talk politics on a more local level, right here in good ole Wilton Manors.

  • Column: Coup d’état

    I only hope that everyone is safe and sound by the time they read this article. Last night a coup took place here in Wilton Manors, led by a band of community leaders who could no longer tolerate being marginalized and out of favor.

  • Column: Election Overload

    I sit here a bit numb now that October has already arrived, and 2016 is roaring to the finish line as one of the fastest years ever. One bright spot is that Election Day will soon be over, and we can finally be finished with all the insanity we’ve had to endure over the past year.

  • Column: Five Syllables That Matter

    Not a column for supporters of a certain orange celebrity with bad hair. This column is about a five-syllable word.

  • Column: Happy New Year Wilton Manors

    As I sit down to write my article this week, having just welcomed in the New Year a few hours ago, I cannot rid myself of the uncertainty and anxiety of what lies ahead for us all in 2017.

  • Column: La Vie en Rose

    This past week I found myself listening to music sung by Edith Pilaf and other Parisian chanteuses. At first I just thought it was accidental, just enjoying some music of the past. However, as the week went on and still I was listening, singing along, and humming tunes while working, I began to think that something else must be going on.

  • Column: Maybe It’s Time For Gary Resnick to Call it Quits?

    I recently happened across a newspaper article about the upcoming Broadway remake of “The Boys in the Band.” This remarkable play first debuted Off-Broadway in 1968 and in 1970 was made into a film that quickly turned into a cult classic. 

  • Column: Raise That Flag Wilton Manors

    Like many gay men, I was unaware of the incredible injustice inflicted on transgender individuals and wasn't always an ally of the transgender community.  In 2005, I first engaged in HIV/AIDS activism and befriended several transgender individuals who helped educate me on the complexity of their hardship and struggle, and the intersectionality of our struggles.

  • Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

    Share your stories in “Coming Out Through the Decades”

  • Coming Soon: Wal-Mart Approved in Oakland Park

    Years after purchasing the former Kmart site and multiple rejections by the city commission, Oakland Park has approved Wal-Mart’s plan to build a 121,345 square foot store.

  • Commission Approves 10 Flex Units for Property on NE 21 Court

    In a reversal of its previous vote, the Wilton Manors Commission approved 10 flex units for the proposed development at 549 NE 21 Ct. during its May 8 meeting.

  • Commission Approves City Board Attendance Rules

    Those who volunteer to be on city boards, advisory committees and task forces are repeatedly applauded by commissioners for giving their time and talent in service of the city.

  • Commission Approves Restrictions On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

    Medical marijuana legalization will be on the ballot this November and if it passes commissioners in Wilton Manors want to be ready to contain it.

  • Commission Chooses Wayfinding Sign Design

    After months of discussions and a vote by the public, commissioners approved a design for the wayfinding sign program. At their May 8 meeting, commissioners voted on concept 1B [pictured above], which was also the one most favored by the public. 

  • Commission Considers PACE Home Improvement Program

    Wilton Manors homeowners may soon be able to make major home improvements without having to take out a huge loan or pay the entire cost upfront.