• California Becomes First State to Condem Intersex Surgeries for Children

    California’s Legislature has passed a resolution in favor of eliminating non consensual “corrective” surgeries on the genitals of intersex children.

    The surgeries are often medically unnecessary, and are framed as “social emergencies” when they’re physically and emotionally damaging instead, nonprofit organization interACT Advocates for Intersex Youth said. The petition called the practice a human rights violation, reported USA Today. 

    Intersex patients are also often lied to about the cause of their surgeries. Executive Director of interACT Advocates for Intersex Youth Kimberly Zieselman was told that she needed an operation to remove cancer at 15, but found out over two decades later when looking at her medical records that it actually was to remove internal testes.

    "It means for the very first time a U.S. legislative body has affirmatively recognized that intersex children deserve dignity and the right to make decisions about their own bodies – just like everyone else," she said. 

  • California Resolution Seeks to Celebrate Intersex Community

    (WB) Over the past several decades, the intersex community has been working to pass legislation that would protect intersex infants from early surgical interventions, and right now, a step toward acknowledgement is on the horizon with California’s SCR-110.

  • Family Settles $440,000 Over Intersex Child’s Genital Surgery

    Citing medical bills, pain and suffering, psychological damage and impairment, the Crawford family is reaching a conclusion on their landmark four-year-long court case by settling for $440,000.

  • Intersex Community Continues Fight for Identity

    Marrisa Adams is a member of a group that feels marginalized because of their genitalia.

  • NYC Gives First Known Intersex Birth Certificate

    2016 gave us at least one parting gift to be grateful for.

  • Parliament Members Draft Resolution To Protect Intersex Rights

    Intersex children in the European Union still undergo surgeries altering their genitals, which has no evidence supporting the success of these treatments. 

  • Powerlifting Championship Adds First Gender Neutral ‘Mx Category’

    This may be the first international sporting event to cater a category to the often-outcasted transgender, intersex and non-binary communities.

  • Queer Bites for the Week of Sept. 20, 2017

    Check out the latest in lesbian, transgender and intersex bites!

  • Unnecessary Surgery on Intersex Babies ‘Catastrophic’

    Roughly 1.7 percent of babies could be considered intersex. Many of them undergo unnecessary and often harmful surgery — typically just to “fit in” with social expectations.