• Report: Unique Challenges Face Older Gay Residents in Massachusetts

    BOSTON (AP) — Aging lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender residents in Massachusetts face unique challenges, according to a report released Thursday by a special legislative commission.

  • SAGE Miami to help LGBT Seniors

    Assistance is on the way for LGBT seniors living in Miami. A new program, called SAGE Miami, is about to launch. The goal of SAGE Miami is to enhance the quality of life of LGBT elders through programs that gather the community, offer counseling and case management services, and provide SAGE-certified training in cultural sensitivity to those in organizations that care for LGBT elders.

  • Sage Release Research on Aging Among LGBTs

    LGBT seniors report high concerns about aging and retirement, a lack of disclosure to their healthcare providers and smaller support networks, but are also more likely to see themselves as mentors, reads a new report released on October 27 by SAGE (Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders).

  • SAGE Tells Trump to Count the T in Seniors Survey

    The Trump administration has restored sexual orientation to the National Survey of Older Americans Act. But gender identity is still missing and SAGE [Services and Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Elders] is demanding transgender individuals be put back in.

  • Senior LGBT Housing Eyed For Suburban NY Site

    BAY SHORE, N.Y. (AP) — Officials on eastern Long Island are announcing plans for the metropolitan area's first affordable housing development for senior lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender residents.

  • Explores the Challenges of the Aging Transgender Community

    (EDGE), one of the nation's top senior housing referral services, released an article on the challenges and progress of the aging transgender community.  

  • Seniors More Accepting of Gay Couples in Assisted Living Facilities, Study Shows

    A new study out of Miami suggests that Americans are much more accepting of gay couples in assisted living facilities than previously thought, especially seniors.