Multimedia Platforms

  • Bobby Blair Back in Business Pushing a New LGBT Penny Stock

    Bobby Blair, whose company Multimedia Platforms Worldwide went broke, leaving hundreds of investors out millions of dollars, has secured a new position as the Chief Executive Officer of LifeApps Brands Inc., (OTC PINK:LFAP) ("LifeApps"), which bills itself as an emerging growth digital media company.

  • Is There A New 'Next' On Its Way To A News Stand Near You?

    The contentious bankruptcy court battle between Multimedia Platforms and the lenders suing them for default have a tentative interim resolution in place. 

  • The Rise and Fall of the Florida Agenda

    Bobby Blair had a dream. A vision. He wanted to take a small paper from Wilton Manors, the Florida Agenda, and transform it into a worldwide LGBT phenomenon. He tried. He crashed. He burned. And took a lot of people down with him in the process.