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  • Minnesota Gay Rights Groups Turn Attention to Bullying

    ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Long before gay rights activists in Minnesota launched a successful campaign to legalize same-sex marriage, they were aiming for another high-profile goal: a state law protecting children from school bullies.

  • MN Lawmakers Plan Renewed Anti-Bullying Push

    ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota lawmakers are planning to try again this year to strengthen a state law aimed at preventing bullying in schools.

  • NJ Schools Can Bring Alleged Bullies Into Lawsuit

    Nearly a dozen students and their parents have been brought into a lawsuit filed by a New Jersey teenager who accused two school districts of not doing enough to stop eight years of bullying.

  • Tennessee’s Bully Psalm: ’The Lord Is My Lawyer, I Shall Not Want’

    If a bill that is sitting on Tennesse Governor Bill Haslam’s desk is signed into law, the power of Christ could compel some students to slander LGBT peers without repercussion and invoke the name of the Almighty as an acceptable way of avoiding learning science. The Gaily Grind reports:

  • This Kid Was Bullied A LOT.

    11-year-old Caine Smith was choked, beaten, harassed, and was called a long list of names simply because he had two moms and long hair. Instead of staying locked away and hiding, he stood up and did something about it. If you share this, you'll be helping make sure the Bully Project is seen in schools across the country. Caine would appreciate it.