• Guatemala Human Rights Groups Oppose Anti-LGBTI Bill

    Editor’s note: Visibles, an LGBTI website in Guatemala City,originally published this article. Visibles is a media partner of the Washington Blade.

    (WB) Human Rights organizations express our opposition to Initiative 5272, “For the protection of life and the family,” which was proposed on April 26, 2017, and is now being discussed in the Guatemalan Congress.

  • Socially Conservative Guatemala Sees Quiet LGBTQ Gains

    (AP) Alex Castillo knew growing up that he was a boy trapped in a girl's body. It wasn't until recently, 40 years after his birth, that the government of his native Guatemala -- or at least some parts of it -- agreed.

  • Transgender Rights Bill Introduced in Guatemala

    Editor’s note: Visibles, a Guatemalan LGBTI website and advocacy group, originally published this article.

    (WB) Guatemalan Congresswoman Sandra Moran on Dec. 1 introduced a bill to recognize the right to gender identity and allow for transgender people to amend their birth certificates to coincide with their self-identification. The bill was presented with support from trans organizations, which had worked on initial drafts since 2009.

  • Two Gay Men Run for Guatemala Congress

    (WB) GUATEMALA CITY — Two openly gay men are among the candidates who are running for seats in Guatemala’s congress.