Gary Resnick

  • Column: Maybe It’s Time For Gary Resnick to Call it Quits?

    I recently happened across a newspaper article about the upcoming Broadway remake of “The Boys in the Band.” This remarkable play first debuted Off-Broadway in 1968 and in 1970 was made into a film that quickly turned into a cult classic. 

  • Letter to the Editor: A Penny At Work

    Broward’s county and City managers, as the executive branch of our respective governments, have a responsibility to provide certainty to our residents and businesses. Certainty that calls for emergency services will be responded to promptly, in a timely manner, and with well-trained and well-equipped responders. Certainty that the water they drink is safe and will be there the next morning. Certainty that their public facilities are well maintained for the uses that they are intended. Certainty that their transit, roadways, bridges, and storm water systems will enable efficient mobility through the county and connect to the region. To provide certainty, our managers must plan for the short, medium, and the long-term.

  • Mayor Hopes to Attract LGBT-Friendly Corporation to City

    Mayor Gary Resnick said he hopes the city’s new economic development consultant will attract the regional or corporate headquarters of an LGBT-friendly corporation.

  • Mayor Resnick Pulls a Switcheroo

    Mayor Gary Resnick announced April 28 that he will be dropping out of the November Wilton Manors mayoral race and running for one of the two commission seats.

  • Mayor Won’t Seek Sixth Term: Resnick to become longest-serving mayor in city’s history

    Just three days after winning a historic fifth term as mayor of Wilton Manors, Gary Resnick, in an interview with The Gazette, stated that this would probably be the last time he runs for mayor.

  • Old Foes Surface To Challenge Wilton Manors Incumbents

    If this city’s three incumbents want to keep their seats, they’ll have to beat three challengers.

  • Op-Ed: A Rough Patch for the LGBT Community

    No community is better capable of withstanding hard times and bad press than ours. We have dealt with adversity and accusations for years. We will rise above it now as we have in the past.

  • Resnick Will Run for Re-election

    Update: In the March 7 issue of The Gazette, commission candidate Paul Rolli’s title when he worked for the IRS was incorrectly reported. He was director of overseas operations, not budget director.


    Citing issues he said still need to be worked on, Mayor Gary Resnick said he will run for re-election this November. He’s joined in the mayoral race by Vice Mayor Justin Flippen who announced his candidacy in December.